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Monthly Archives: June 2014

June 30th marks the fifth anniversary of Social Media Day, a day that celebrates the amazing popularity of social media communication. The popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have planned several online events to commemorate the establishment of social media as an indelible part of our culture. While millions of Americans […]

Small business owners spend countless hours trying to figure out ways to save money. From ordering less computer or office accessories to cutting down employee hours, small business owners and entrepreneurs often have to choose among several cost cutting options. Some of the options place entrepreneurs in untenable positions that undermine their leadership. However, by […]

Most small businesses and entrepreneurs know they need a toll free vanity number to increase brand recognition, seal their reputation and image, and increase call backs and overall leads. But how does a small business get there? Here are some quick tips on how to find the perfect vanity number. First, as a small business […]

There comes a time when your small business slows to a grinding halt. Customers stop coming in through the front door, your employees look like the walking dead, and even you have a hard time rolling out of bed in the morning. The answer to your small business woes does come in some magical potion […]

Other than today being Friday, there is another reason to celebrate. Today is also National Productivity Day. Today recognizes the importance of productivity for small business owners and entrepreneurs who operate on the thinnest of profit margins or with the smallest number of resources. Productivity Day offers you several resources that can help to increase […]

Would you be surprised if a fellow small business owner or entrepreneur said they didn’t have a website? Most people would. To own and operate a small business today without a website is just unheard of, not to mention entrepreneurial suicide. Why would an entrepreneur opt to not have a small business website? And why […]

Most small business owners keep close tabs on their website traffic to ensure efficiency, the level of engagement and effectiveness, and to monitor overall return on investment. Most small business owners and entrepreneurs use tools such as Google analytics to closely monitor the number of clicks PPC and banner ads generate. However, the marketing strategy […]

Attracting potential customers to convert into lifelong, loyal customers represents the cornerstone of successful small business marketing plans. However, the methods employed to attract new customers vary from Internet marketing that leverages content on a small business website to promoting small businesses via social media, such as YouTube videos. What if we told you that […]

It’s the beginning of the month and the time has come to see how much your small business brought in for the previous month. The numbers look okay, just enough to pay the bills and maybe defray some start up debt. You blankly stare at the wall wondering how you can increase sales and turn […]

We talked in a blog published recently about the changes in the content marketing landscape and what that means for small businesses and entrepreneurs…other than frustration. One of the key turning points and shifts in the content marketing world is establishing and maintaining trust among customers. Communication is so important and this facet is only […]