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Monthly Archives: May 2014

With 2014 approaching the halfway point, five technology trends have emerged to change the small business game. One important technology trend—the increasing prominence of a toll free vanity number—is the most critical component to any small business marketing and branding strategy. Advanced Cloud Computing Initially marketed to large corporations, cloud computing services are also incredibly […]

Two potential customers, both new to town, leave their downtown office building during the height of a bustling lunch hour. Although they have many dining options, they heard about one delicious pizzeria in particular from a few co-workers. They especially took a craving to one specialty, Italian sausage pizza, with freshly grated Mozzarella. It appears […]

As the unofficial start to summer, Memorial Day traditionally has represented a time for friends and family members to relax at informal gatherings or travel for the long weekend. Many small business owners also promote discounts and other sales to boost foot traffic. Yet we shouldn’t forget why Memorial Day was originally established: to remember […]

Do you remember at the beginning of the year we posted an article on business marketing trends for 2014? We talked about jumpstarting your business for the new year, getting on board with a solid content marketing strategy, and tying it all together with a toll free vanity number, of course. So now that the […]

It’s no secret that texting has gone mainstream today. Texting originally began as a method of social correspondence among teenagers that has now cultivated the way we communicate and the way we do business. Take emergency services, for example. The nation’s largest wireless communication carriers recently agreed to support text messages to 911 emergency services. […]

Many small business owners ask about the limitations of acquiring a toll free vanity number. The only limitations small business owners need to be concerned about is the extent of their imaginations. Toll free vanity numbers have countless applications for promoting small businesses. One creative entrepreneur recently acquired a toll free number to answer questions […]

Small business owners represent the backbone of many communities. Between organizing charitable events to providing services during emergencies, entrepreneurs make indelible impacts that help them create unyielding relationships with residents of the communities where they operate. For all of the goodwill demonstrated by small business owners, one charity event often escapes their attention. Donate a […]

Today female entrepreneurs are running global Internet market campaigns, working as CEOs of organizations and firms in various industries, pushing their own startups, and mastering it all. But when we look at female entrepreneurs, we often forget that many of them also have one of the most important and difficult jobs in the world: being […]

Small business owners receive dozens of pitches for marketing ideas. Unfortunately, most of the ideas waste their time and worse, waste their limited marketing budgets. However, once in awhile, a marketing idea comes along that makes small business owners fall head over heels. The idea requires little planning and it returns a significant amount of […]

Entrepreneurs possess a unique skill set for implementing their small business visions. They typically possess high energy and out of the box thinking that separates their small businesses from the competition. Entrepreneurs exude leadership skills that include accountability and mentoring. Entrepreneurs can have everything it takes to operate a small business and make it successful. […]