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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Small business owners and entrepreneurs are always looking for short cuts and easy ways to learn something, get something done, or search for information…all without sacrificing quality, of course. So what are some ways you can make your small business famous, when it comes to running your vanity toll free marketing program? Here are four […]

Many small business owners are stretched so thin that they barely have enough time to say “Good morning,” to the kids, before they shove off for school. With such a hectic schedule, how can anyone expect a panicked small business owner to find time to join a like-minded group of small business owners in order […]

What do Legos have to do with small business? Legos may appear to be a peculiar choice for establishing the small business mindset required for success. No, they can’t teach us tutorials in finance, marketing, and information systems, but they help form the foundation needed for small business success. After all, you can have all […]

Several months ago we posted an article on how small businesses really suffered from this year’s harsh winter. Plunging frigid temperatures, snow, ice, and the works have forced small businesses to cut costs, close down shops for a couple days, and have even prevented customers from going out and spending money. Now that most areas […]

Small business owners need to exude the “Glass is half full” optimism that motivates employees and attracts new customers to their small businesses. While it is great to have a positive attitude, the fact is reality lurks behind every small business counter and under every small business desk. The reality is things can go wrong […]

Through the years, Google has provided small business owners with several online communication tools to level the playing field against larger competitors that possess more resources to devote towards marketing strategies. For example, Google Local allowed small businesses to achieve high rankings in Google’s vaunted search engine. Now, Google has added another tool that helps small businesses […]

Small business owners always look for an edge to stay ahead of the competition, especially larger businesses that can devote more resources towards marketing strategies. However, many small business owners try the wrong strategies when it comes to marketing their products and services. By acquiring vanity numbers, they can boost small business awareness and receive […]

After considering the benefits of acquiring a toll free vanity number, you decide to move ahead and make the vanity number an indispensable part of your marketing strategy. However, you may fall into the same trap that snares other small business owners. Although small business owners may take time to decide whether to acquire a […]

It sneaks up on us once a year, as practical jokes define April 1st, or the day often referred to as April Fool’s Day. Similarly, April 1st is also “Have Fun at Work Day”. Considering the amount of time, effort, money, resources, and risk entrepreneurs tank into their small businesses, there’s little room for fun […]