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Monthly Archives: November 2013

844 toll free numbers, vanity 844 toll free numbersIt’s that time of year again. The holidays are officially here. For consumers this means traveling, cooking, turkey, family time, and shopping. For small businesses, this means you should be offering the best deals for Black Friday and looking out for the best deals to boost your business this holiday season.

So what’s on tap for this year’s Black Friday? Custom Toll Free is offering pre-orders on 844 toll free numbers for just $1. This will not only give small businesses the opportunity to save some money on pre-ordering a new vanity number with the new 844 prefix, but also give them all the added benefits and features to using a toll free vanity number.

Vanity Toll Free Numbers, Toll Free Benefits, Boost Sales, Small Business, 844 Toll Free Numbers, 844 NumbersDid you know that a toll free number is proven to generate 30%-40% more orders and increase customer satisfaction? With the holidays right around the corner, it is a perfect time for small business owners to pre-order a new 844 toll free number to boost holiday sales!

On December 7, 2013, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) releases a new 844 prefix that opens the door for vanity toll free phone number options. If you act now, you can pre-order an 844 vanity toll free number with a brand that complements your website name. Get creative while you still have time to secure the words of your choice.

Here are some ideas:









Small Business Marketing Tactics, Small Business, Web TrafficHow do you get more visitors to your small business website fast and affordably?

One of the top challenges and requests of small business owners today is increasing the number of online visitors to their websites. It doesn’t matter how fantastic your product or service is, or even how stunning and hi-tech your website is if no one is finding it.

Sadly, while technology has made it easier and less expensive than ever to launch a new startup, it has also led to a voluminous mass of outdated and just outright misinformation floating on the web. This makes it incredibly tough for many entrepreneurs and small business owners to make sense of what works and what doesn’t to preserve their precious startup capital and get the biggest bang for their buck.

So here are seven marketing tactics for increased traffic that really work and won’t break the bank…

Toll Free Services, Toll Free Products, Dreamforce 2013, Social Integreation, Customer IntegrationCustom Toll Free is proud to be attending the exceptional Dreamforce 2013 conference. The conference is going on right now through tomorrow in San Francisco, and this year’s theme is all about the ‘Internet of customers’. Today’s world is all about personalization and reaching customers through digital and mobile mediums.

Custom Toll Free knows and recognizes the importance of customers and sets aside time and makes huge investments, in both time and monetary form, into continuing and improving customer service as well as improving services and continuing to be a leading toll free service provider.

844 vanity numbers, 844 toll free numbersIn less than a month, the new 844 toll free number prefix will be released by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Following the initial release—the first issued in several years—approximately several million new vanity numbers will become available.

Missed Opportunities for Business Growth

Small businesses missing the opportunity to secure an 844 vanity number could stunt their growth, which could lead to not reaching long term goals, losing potential leads or customers to a competitor, or even risking meeting sales or revenue goals. This is why having the option to pre-order an 844 vanity number presents small businesses with the opportunity to improve their brand.

Lack of a Web Presence

Small Business, Business Technology, Technology Tips, Small Business TechnologyIn the landscape of new or expanding small businesses, improving sales, increasing customers, and finding your place in the mobile world can be a challenge. Business owners, whether you are operating from a physical storefront or selling your services online, you must invest in business sales activities. These five business marketing tips are essential to your success:


Establish Your Online Presence. Think about your audience. Who are you trying to reach? Have you answered these questions in your domain name and on your home page?


Small Business, BrandingThe topic of storytelling continues to dominate advice columns for small business owners. However, on the other hand, many rushed attempts at businesses telling their stories can often do more harm than good. So how can you get better at being the hero in telling your brand’s tale, and avoid becoming a startup horror story?

1. What Are You Best At?

844 toll free numbersAre you looking to boost your small business brand? If so, there is good news. The FCC will release new 844 toll free numbers in early December of this year. This will be the first release of a new prefix in the last several years. For businesses that have patiently waited to acquire their desired number, this is the perfect time to do so and to secure your telephonic brand.


Small Business, Business Tools, Business Technology, 844 Vanity NumbersDo you have a plan for your business for the upcoming holiday season? It’s that time of year again already. The holiday season is already upon us. Perhaps you have already booked a fabulous getaway to your annual retreat in the Alps or warm, sunny Florida, or maybe you are just promising yourself, and your family to really get in some overdue rest and relaxation.

So how can you ‘fireproof’ your business and personal time this holiday season?

1. Get the Jump on Staff Holiday Requests