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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Entrepreneurs, Small Business, Business TechnologyIt seems like achieving small business success is almost an impossible feat considering how much an entrepreneur needs to consider. So how do elite entrepreneurs find the extra time to actually achieve success?

It’s crazy how entrepreneurs seem to achieve success again and again almost effortlessly. Meanwhile, you feel like there are only half the hours in the day you need to barely keep your head above water, much less have time to think up a ground breaking play that will concrete your spot at the top of your industry.

So what’s the key to success for busy entrepreneurs? Check out the following eight step guide:

1. Go to Bed Later

Women Entrepreneurs, Small BusinessWomen entrepreneurs are becoming more and more common in today’s corporate world. In fact, even “stay at home moms” are finding creative ways to utilize their skills to make a living. You can find a professional woman behind the success of large, big name companies and businesses around the globe. So for those aspiring female entrepreneurs, here are some creative business ideas for you to get started.

As mentioned above, there are many more exciting and promising opportunities today for female entrepreneurs to earn a living and excel in the field of business and management even while staying at home. Below are some of the small business ideas and possible careers for women to consider:

Put Your Creativity, Culinary Skills, and Management into Use:

If you have struggled in the past with effectively branding your business, there is some good news in store. In the very short and foreseeable future, the 844 number will become available to businesses of all scopes and sizes. December 7th, 2013 is the official release date for the new 844 toll free prefix. And for those eager businesses looking to improve their marketing strategy or brand recognition, the release of the new toll free number will make branding for your business a breeze.


Custom Vanity Options

Social Media, Small Business, EntrepreneursThe issue of posting and mixing personal and business material on social media websites is difficult to determine. There have been countless instances of big names in various industries who have lost their jobs or have been publicly called out for posting inappropriate posts or other content on social media sites. Some argue that people, regardless of status or profession, have the freedom to post and say what we feel. This is one of the main reasons why social media exists. However, with great power comes great responsibility. People and small businesses need to think twice about what to say or share, or how it may be conceived in another person’s eyes, or if someone may consider it offensive. So as a small business, what should you and shouldn’t you post or share through social media?

Affiliate Marketing, Small BusinessAffiliate marketing has proven to be one of the best and the most effective ways of earning a considerable amount of money online. This type of marketing is tied into performance and the amount of traffic and visitors hit your website.

Internet marketers nowadays tend to focus on affiliate marketing, but by working with different affiliate partners. The three most important elements of affiliate marketing to consider include: the merchant, network, and customer. So how can you improve your Internet marketing scheme to tailor your affiliate marketing approach to better focus on and incorporate these three elements? Here are some tips should consider in order to achieve success with their affiliate marketing scheme.

With the Custom Toll Free 844 Number tool, businesses can have their pick among virtually any alphanumeric combination. Mill Creek, WA (PRWEB) September 19, 2013 To help streamline the process of pre-ordering 844 toll free numbers between now and the official release date on December 7th, 2013, Custom Toll Free has created a new tool […]

Small Business, Entrepreneurs, Business TrendsBusiness and consumer trends demand companies to become more eco-friendly. Here are five ways you can make your business more environmentally friendly and save money now…


Before digging in or hitting the back button, it’s critical that small business owners recognize that this is more than about trends or fads, or even deeply caring about the planet. Becoming more eco-friendly is essential for building a sustainable organization, boosting revenues, and the bottom line!


844 toll free numbers, toll free number prefix, toll free numbers 844With the official release of the 844 toll free prefix on the not so distant horizon, do you know how to research the perfect vanity phone number? Since you may not have to worry about your desired number being unavailable—which was often the case for other toll free number prefixes—there are some other elements that you may want to consider.


Keep in mind that once the prefix is released the most primary numbers available are expected to be ordered and reserved quickly. All in all, time will be of the essence in acquiring your desired vanity number. Refer to these tips to decide on the best vanity numbers for your business.


Conduct Market Research

Digital Marketing, Branding, Online MarketingHow do you imagine digital marketing in the next ten to fifteen years? There are a lot of new business trends emerging in different industries. As a matter of fact, advertising in general is predicted to change within the next few years according to some popular marketing tycoons. Here are a few insights into the future of digital marketing that we could see within the next few years.


Huge Focus on Branding

844 vanity numbers, toll free vanity numbersIf you have been keeping abreast of the news regarding the upcoming release of the new 844 toll free number prefix, then you may be wondering how you can get your hands on a new number. The good news is there is a way. With Custom Toll Free you can pre-order an 844 number reservation, boosting your chances to get the vanity 844 number that best suits your business. Here are some tips on how you can get your hands on the best 844 vanity number available.


Research Your Desired Vanity Number