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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Email Marketing, Small BusinessThe field of email marketing is changing. So how can entrepreneurs and SMEs adapt rapidly to keep up web traffic, lead flow, and revenues? For example, the roll out of the new Gmail inbox essentially changes the impact and results of email marketing, which has been one of the best lead generation tools for small and medium sized businesses. For those who haven’t seen it yet, messages from businesses are now automatically filtered out of users’ main inboxes to separate spam tabs.

While readjusting marketing strategy, small business owners can salvage their email lists by:

1.    Advising contacts and new opt-ins where and when to find their email updates

2.    Moving email leads to social networks for unblocked communication

3.    Begin requesting more contact information such as phone numbers versus emails

Small Business, Toll Free Numbers, Customer SatisfactionThe main goals of entrepreneurs are to make more sales and to monetize their business. But is this enough? Since a great deal of time is spent on promotions, advertising, and product and service development, business owners often forget one of the most important factors to running a successful business: customer satisfaction. Here are some things small businesses should keep in mind when considering customer satisfaction.

Know Your Passion

Small Business, Entrepreneurs, InvestmentsA small business is literally small, but it doesn’t mean that a business needs to be small forever. There are things entrepreneurs need to do to improve business over time. Business growth is a vital ingredient to success and vice versa. Business growth is always associated with smart investments. Here are four effective and smart investments for long-term business success.

Smart investments pay for themselves over time. This means that you do not have to make the extra effort to bring back the amount of cash you spent on an investment. Also, this kind of investment is not only about the cash; it is also about investing time and effort on something important.

Spending Time and Effort on Understanding Your Target Market

844 Toll Free Numbers, 844As a business owner or potential toll free customer or industry follower, you may have heard about the release of the new 844 prefix. But what is it all about, when exactly is the expected release, and why?

WHAT— Let’s start from the beginning. 844 is the new toll free prefix that will allow businesses and individuals alike the chance to get an easy to remember number with a brand new prefix. All combinations will become available! (Examples… 844-Call-Now, 844-Your-Biz)

Digital Media, Small Businesses, EntrepreneursThere are several reasons why entrepreneurs and small businesses should make their digital presence a top priority.

Digital isn’t just cool, or the ‘way of the future’, it’s essential for small business and new startups to embrace. In the past many entrepreneurs have fallen prey to engaging in social or creating apps or venturing into mobile marketing because they were told they had to do it, or out of vanity, and rushed ahead without really getting it. However, there is now more data available than ever to support small business in getting the most out of their digital advertising strategies. So why can’t you ignore digital today, and how can you incorporate what you are doing now with the new digital age?

Women in Business, Small Business, EntrepreneursWant to be the next Sheryl Sandberg, Marissa Mayer or Oprah? What’s the key to growing a wildly profitable business fast and getting the brand attention and respect your small business deserves?

The blog Small Business Ideas for Women suggests “without credibility no business will truly be able to establish itself” and will “join the ranks of the many thousands that fail every year”.

Credibility isn’t just about being appealing to consumers, or even maximizing marketing ROI or profit margins. It is also about developing a better perceived reputation and more value among vendors, lenders, and potential investors.

So how do you develop more credibility, faster, both as a woman in the business arena and as a female small business owner?

4th of July, Freedom, Small Business, EntrepreneursAfter recently celebrating the 4th of July, we reflect on the fact that America is still #1 for starting a business and taking control of your own future and financial freedom.

Despite the nation’s economy still badly bruised from the beating it has taken over the last six or seven years, the number of small business start ups that have erupted from the economic downfall is still higher than ever.

There is nowhere like it on the planet: nowhere that the opportunities and odds of success are so great for small business owners. So embrace your independence and freedom and start your own small business or make sure you get out to support some this holiday weekend.

800 toll free number, social media branding, Vanity 800 Number, vanity numbersWhat does the perfect marketing campaign consist of? Maybe it’s actively using Facebook or Twitter, or Pinterest’ed people in your product, or even what we love most: a vanity toll free number spelling out exactly what they need and what you do best. While it may not be everything to get the calls you want from customers, sometimes lost in the shuffle of catchy slogans and charming spokespersons is the simple gesture: the call to action.

Imagine for a moment a world without customer service. This could be as costly as introducing yourself without a handshake. But it goes beyond green and red buttons and the “Call Now” taglines at the end of your advertising. Review your social media accounts and posts to make sure you’re getting your message right. Here are a few pointers: