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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Small Business, Branding, Social Media, Toll Free Vanity NumbersAs a small business owner, you are pulled in many different directions, you are wearing multiple hats each day, and you are trying to make money. However, what if we told you that you are losing money if your business isn’t embracing the digital age? What does this even mean? Your business should have at least these three things: a fully operational website, an attractive and reputable brand, active social media presence, and a vanity toll free number.

First let’s discuss the ways to realistically accomplish the online portion while still having time to run your business. Remember, once you’ve defined your brand you can move forward into updating your web offering and utilizing your social networks.

Updating your web offering:

Small Business Brand, BrandingOften small business owners hear of the importance of “building your personal brand,” yet many wonder as a busy business owner just exactly how to create a “business brand,” while still finding the time to run your business

It is true that most business owners are required to wear more than one hat in their daily activities. As an owner you are likely responsible for managing your staff, managing your revenue and expenses, working within your business, and making sure your product or service quality levels are what they should be to earn repeat business. That’s a tall order for any one person to fill, so then how can you make time to add building your personal brand to that sort of schedule?

Defining your small business brand:

Small Business MarketingWhat’s in store for the future of small business marketing? What next generation marketing strategies and apps should entrepreneurs already be integrating? And what does this mean for small business owners today?

Today and for the future, it’s all about information: business information and customer information. It’s about achieving information and even protecting it. The second point here is that the consumer data is already out there. If businesses don’t capitalize on it, the competition will. The more targeted your marketing and the better you get at the “right time, right place, right medium” trifecta, the better the better the results; maximizing marketing ROI.


Small Business, Toll Free Services, Toll Free Numbers, Vanity NumbersWhy consider bundling toll free services with your own?

Toll free numbers and the robust, yet flexible call routing options they provide are clearly in high demand today. The direction business and technology trends are headed in will make them only more essential and desirable in the future too.

Toll free services are needed by all businesses that are serious about making it. This applies to brand new startups needing vanity numbers for branding, while existing businesses constantly require new batches as they expand or diversify, and for split testing marketing campaigns.

vanity number, vanity toll free number, click to call advertising, 800 toll free numbers, The purpose of call tracking is to understand why customers are calling you, what they are looking for, and how you can strengthen your marketing message. Whether or not your business relies on the use of phone calls and call tracking, phone calls matter. There are still many businesses today that process their orders through phone calls at a higher volume than through a website.

As much as an attractive website design displaying all your awesome features is necessary, so is accessibility. So how can you get a few more calls, a few more sales, and a few more indicators for your call tracking services?

Toll Free Numbers, 800 Toll Free Numbers, Vanity Toll Free Numbers

Picture yourself in the heart of Smartphone society. It’s here, and if you need reassurance, here’s a picture of a Motorola RAZR in a museum. Remember how cool it felt to have that in your pocket? It won’t be long before iPhones and Galaxys start coming out even small and thinner than its predecessors. Likewise, the connections are becoming sharper, more accessible, and more streamlined.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Treat your clicks like calls. Regardless of whether customers wander through your door or window shop online and surf your website, Smartphones and Skype have evolved toward this trend. Technology has allowed for phone numbers to function and appear as a hyperlink that instantly connects to your line.


Small Business, Toll Free Vanity Number, Advertising, AffiliateNational Small Business Week 2013 kicks off next month with an SBA event in Seattle, WA, but there’s no reason why business owners have to wait for events like this to find fresh ideas and strategies for marketing and driving in more revenues.

Here are seven fast and easy ways to gain more brand visibility, make valuable connections, and bring in more dollars right away…

1. KnowEm

Knowem.com empowers small businesses by launching them onto hundreds of social platforms without all the hassle. You provide them your company name and branding, and they’ll set up your profile creating hundreds of new in bound links, networks, and connections.

2. Network

toll free vanity number, vanity toll free number 800 vanity toll free numberLook around you, they are out there. You may see them on the streets, grazing the top folds of billboards or on the back pages of newspapers. We see toll free numbers all the time, whether on that said billboard, in a newspaper or magazine, on a bus, or even worn on a t-shirt. Toll free numbers have become a staple for advertising.

It’s the perfect way to say: “Hey, give us a call, on us. We’re waiting.”

800 toll free numbers, toll free numbers vanity toll free numberFor many businesses, the advantages offered by Google Voice can create opportunities to breathe a new life into your existing business. In terms of cost-effectiveness, it’s a great way to expand communication methods to customers, while optimizing and organizing your time.

Google Voice gives you one number to manage all your phones and the opportunity to customize your lines and configure phone lines for callers. Other amenities include customizing your ringtones and voicemail greetings based on specific callers, configuring how and when your calls get ported to other lines, and even the ability to manage your lines through the use of a mobile app. But what does that mean for your toll free number, and all the amenities that stem from it? It only gets better.

Toll Free Numbers, 800 Numbers, Vanity NumbersSpirit Airlines hit the news this week announcing it will begin charging for customer support phone calls. Could this be the beginning of the end for the discount airline brand? How do they compare to those businesses that are embracing toll free numbers?

The L.A. Times reports Spirit now has over 70 add-on fees for passengers. The latest move follows on from the outrageous $100 carry on fiasco, and now charges customers to call for assistance and information. The stock obviously saw a sharp dip in trading after the news hit this week.

While the pressure may be on to compete, repeated business lessons have proven that taking away from customers, downgrading customer service, and a lack of transparency, racing to the bottom of the market in price-wars is a losing game.