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Monthly Archives: April 2013

vanity toll free number, 800 toll free number, toll free numbers, 800 numbers toll freeDid you know that surrendered 800 toll free numbers are placed in a holding queue of disconnected numbers that must age for a period of four months? Toll free numbers are often dropped in the national available number pool on an almost daily basis. Many of these toll free numbers are immediately picked up by other companies, making it next to impossible for you to get one on your own.

Benefits of Back-Ordering a Vanity Toll Free Number


Vanity Numbers, Toll Free Look Up, Reverse Toll Free NumbersThe free toll phone numbers was an explosive ideas and the first people to embrace that saw unprecedented levels of business growth. The same could happen to your business but first you have to choose your vanity numbers with care. Vanity numbers give your business a strong marketing presence, identity, and a professional appearance.


Vanity phone numbers should be all about simplicity; they should be as easy to remember as possible. Remember it is important to invest time and money in setting up a good number upfront as it is the gateway to your business. Since you need a phone number anyway, why not put forth the effort to make this one the best?


Small Business, Branding, Advertising EffectivenessThe importance of having a reputable and unique brand for your small business brand goes without saying. A reputable brand is directly tied to your marketing efforts and advertising effectiveness and how customers and potential customers view your business.

Some of the larger brands, such as Apple, may encounter some difficulty in the near future with their brand. Apple may still be in the news as always, but not for customer opinions may have changed. Customers may be losing interest in what the large tech company’s new gadgets.

Mashable’s breakdown of the latest earnings report covered what they called “4 Big Red Flags”:

1.    Profit decline

2.    Poor outlook

3.    Nothing new

get a toll free number, toll free assistance, vanity toll free number


For those entrepreneurs whom only conduct business online, do you need a toll free number? You may have asked yourself this question before, or maybe you are asking it now. With free and unlimited long distance calling, the use of cell phones and your running your entire business online, it just doesn’t seem like much of a necessity, especially if you are looking to cut costs.

Regardless of whether you’re successfully established or a startup, the following advantages and benefits come along with a toll free number:

·Stay in Service Even When The Server is Down

800 toll free number, toll free number, vanity toll free numberBranding is an essential element to any marketing strategy. A great brand can go above and beyond its call to action and connect a message to a consumer within seconds. Furthermore, a well-defined brand can connect and create an instant product following. When associating a vanity toll free number to a brand, or making a new brand entirely—both of which are perfectly acceptable—there are a variety of factors to consider. Next you should consider whether or not your brand is easy to spell, easy to remember, and most of all able to convey a direct message.


Small Business Marketing, Virgin RocketsA new survey reveals the latest small business social trends, while Virgin changes the game and American companies scramble to boost business continuity plans.

A new study from Manta shows:

·         25% of small business owners plan to invest more in social in 2013

·         50% of small business owners report spending more time on social than last year

toll free number prefix, toll free numbers, vanity spelling toll free number, vanity toll free numbersOne dial off from a digit can make a world of difference. Just being one number off can send a customer’s call into a spin, where the wrong business and the wrong industry, and perhaps worst of all, the wrong voice becomes associated with your business. Of course, dialing a wrong number happens to all of us—it’s human nature. But what happens when misfires keep happening? Serious damage could be done to your sales engine and the overall function of your business plan.

There are many reasons why misdials happen. As our friends over at CallButton.co explain:


Can a toll free number really boost your website traffic? If so how can you capitalize on your toll free numbers and use them to drive more prospects, leads, and revenue through your online storefront?

There are at least four ways a toll free number can help to generate Internet traffic, boost the results of current online marketing efforts and improve loyalty and repeat business…