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Monthly Archives: February 2013

toll free servicesThe friendship between Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak shaped into a business partnership that would own and operate one of the most powerful technological companies today: Apple. But where did they first begin? What would be their campaign that would forever change landscape of Silicon Valley? Was it found during their early collegiate experience? In a sense, yes…

toll free number, 800 toll free number, toll free numbs, toll free 800 numbers.One of the most popular benefits in offering a toll free number is it pays for itself. Most of the time all it takes is a quick connection and a conversion to prove its worth, at the same time providing you with accessibility, increased profitability, and a peace-of-mind. The 800 toll free number has proven to be a profitable measure in terms of direct marketing and customer service dating back to Ginzu knives.


800 toll free numbers, toll free servicesYou hand business cards out all the time. You may even find that they get more attention than your resume, particularly in career networking situations. Great business cards, both in purpose and design, can land you that job, business opportunity or clientele you’ve been seeking. Whether you’re trying to spread your brand or image, or provide a simple calling card for your services, a business card speaks volumes.

Cyber Attack, EntrepreneursWhat does the future hold for entrepreneurs and their businesses and foreign cyber-attacks? A new report showing evidence of "an unrelenting cyber espionage campaign linked to the Chinese government" that has been going on for years has the Obama administration considering possible fines against the Asian superpower and others.

twitter toll free number, vanity toll free, 800 toll free numberHow does social media play into toll free numbers and toll free services? Does social media get in the way of the outreach that a toll free number brings? Do users prefer to use a “@” or an “#” and connect with your business that way? Why do you need to look established? You may think, “I already have a LinkedIn profile stocked with powerful connections doing that for me.”


Branding, America, VanityWhat makes a loved brand that everyone wants to do business with? What can you do to increase the love consumers show your brand?

Trust has to be one of, if not the biggest factor. What is there to build a relationship on without trust? Without trust product hits are just a fad, there is no sustainability and there are certain to be plenty of charge backs.

toll free numbers, toll free numbers, toll free mobileYou asked and we listened: Mobile solutions for your toll free 800 numbers are now available. Custom Toll Free’s many amenities and features are now available in mobile form for your Smartphone or tablet. The new Custom Toll Free mobile site allows for more accessibility through:

*Access to all available website features

*Custom Toll Free’s Intensive Search Features providing streamlined results

*Keyword Phrase Matching Algorithms