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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Small Business, HolidayWill you face an exodus of your best team members as they are lured to the competition by bigger holiday bonuses this year? Small businesses seem to be flusher with cash this year or at least recognizing how critical it is to retain staff loyalty and the huge difference having the best talent makes to their success.

Toll Free Numbers, Branding, Advertising Effectiveness, get a toll free numberThere’s no need to set your alarm clock for 3 AM. You can stay in bed all stuffed with turkey or tofu and still get in the front of a line to get a toll free number to serve your needs. Whether for business, outreach, real estate, legal, direct marketing, you name it. If you missed Black Friday shopping, don’t fret because the Custom Toll Free special is good through the entire month. We can’t really the same about your Thanksgiving leftovers, though.


Black Friday, Small Business, EntrepreneursThis Black Friday appears to be spurring the usual mayhem but what's the real deal on the discounts for entrepreneurs?


This isn't just a "good" week to be out getting the Christmas gift shopping done early, it's actually a smart time for savvy entrepreneurs to be hunting for deals for their businesses as well.


However, before you splurge and blow critical working capital ask these four important questions:


1. Do You Need it?

Toll Free Numbers, Black Friday, Cyber MondayBlack Friday may be the most famous shopping day of the year but is it really as critical to businesses as Cyber Monday?


Black Friday continues to be one of the most hyped and busiest shopping days but it could certainly be losing value for businesses due to a combination of emerging factors.


Vanity Number, Advertising EffectivenessDo businesses need to install additional telephone lines and equipment when setting up a toll free vanity number? Not at all…

In fact one of the most beautiful things about utilizing toll free vanity numbers today, especially for new businesses and those which are expanding, is being able to avoid the huge expense, hassle, and time drains of installing traditional phone systems.

#Technology, Freephone Numbers, BlackberryFollowing on from the success of the BBM app, RIM announces free Wi-Fi calls, but is this another Apple like case of too little too late?

The Skype like BBM Voice enables these Wi-Fi calls between Blackberry customers, encouraging brand loyalty, and making it more difficult for businesses to break from the service ahead of the Blackberry 10 launch in 2013.

Ravaged rooftops, trunks of trees, and scattered debris the costs of Hurricane Sandy that have spread from the shores to the suburbs, avenues and alleyways. For some, the damage cannot be measured in simple monetary values. Human values bear the face of recovery from Hurricane Sandy, and for people facing the hurdles, 800 number toll free assistance has stepped up their efforts in accessibility.


Apps, Reverse Lookup, Lead GenerationDo you ever find yourself wasting hours on monitoring the competition or pulling your hair out over how to boost lead generation and maximize marketing ROI? There's an app for that…


In fact, there are four handy apps and tactics businesses should be using to streamline market research, keep an eye on their competitors, and boost their revenues.


1. Perch