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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Hurricane SandyHurricane Sandy has devastated homes and taken lives but for many business owners and employees the worst is yet to come if their companies weren't prepared with toll free numbers.

The worst thing that can happen to businesses today isn't having an office wiped out or even seeing an entire marketing campaign wasted in the wake of a storm like Sandy, it is the interruption in operations and stall in cash flow which can lead to a slow and painful death.

From cancelled flights, classes, transportation, and forecasts killing the fun of the inner cities spanning the Northeast, Hurricane Sandy has created a shuffle amidst routine plans within the region. At an approximate span of 1000 miles wide, Sandy arrives at a point in the season that doesn’t often see storms of this strength and magnitude climbing the Atlantic.


Toll Free NumbersDespite the major shakeup of the mortgage industry over the last couple of years, fraud has actually been on the rise. In an attempt to shore up the bleed and recoup billions in losses ahead of the 2012 presidential election, this has the government launching new investigations and soliciting help from whistle blowers via toll free numbers.

Vanity Number, Reverse Lookup ToolWhen you decide to get a vanity number, the first thing you need to do is to decide on what number you would like. That should be based, of course, not on the numbers themselves but on the word you would like to form from them.


Consider it trick or treating for your toll free needs. Order a toll free number in the month of October and get one month for free. No pranking, no extra loops, no nonsense, just one free month of toll free number service. We’re not egging you on, we are just bringing you an honest Halloween special. We’re confident that with these spooky savings you can spice up your Old Hallows Eve celebration.


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Vanity Numbers, Toll Free Numbers, Presidential DebateThe presidential debate drives home vital marketing lessons for entrepreneurs and new startups. Beyond revealing which presidential candidate says they are going to do more for small business growth, the recent Obama vs. Romney debates have highlighted four of the most crucial marketing factors for entrepreneurs as we move into 2013.