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Monthly Archives: February 2012

How easy is your company to find? More importantly, how easy is it for consumers to contact you and acquire your products and services?

Do you have a business phone number that automatically comes to mind when consumers think about your industry? Who do you call when you need flowers? 1-800-Flowers. What about cable or Internet? 1800-Comcast. A custom phone number? 1800-Customize.

A vanity toll-free number is all about customer response. You want your advertising to reach potential customers, right? And the reason you do is because you want potential customers to reach you! The only way they can do that is if you give them a way. Contact information is easy to give out these days. This typically includes a web site URL or link, an email address, or a phone number…in this case, a vanity phone number.

So you've decided to establish a vanity toll-free number for your business. Good choice! It will make it much easier for potential customers to remember your phone number, and that means more of them will contact you. Studies have shown that vanity toll-free numbers increase the response rate from direct response advertising by as much as sixty percent!

Now, the next step is finding the right number for your business. Perhaps you have something in mind already. Let's say it's 1-800-WIDGETS. Here is what you need to ask yourself:


News is spreading of a new, even hotter real estate market rebound with areas like Miami even breaking the records achieved during the bubble years. However, there are three hotter things to invest in today that could deliver an even better ROI…

Internet Domain Names

There are a number of types of look up tools that can come in handy when searching for winning toll free numbers for your business. Let's take a look at how to use them.

Numspell Tool

One of Custom Toll Free's best look up tools is the Numspell tool. This tool enables those who already have business phone numbers to find out what they spell out in words or phrases to see if they are really viable to use as vanity. This is widely recognized as the most powerful of look up tools on the web of its kind and fun to play around with.

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