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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Experts in the advertising industry have different perspectives as to which media strategy is most effective. Your product(s) and/or services play a major role in choosing the most effective advertising. All advertising media you incorporate into your campaign must effectively convey a positive and memorable message to your customers so your business will stand apart and ahead of your competition.

Looking good is good business. What does your phone number say about you?

The economy may still be finding its foothold but vanity has never been higher. The malls are still full, coffee shops are overrun by tablets, luxury homes are still selling, dressing well is even more important than it has ever been and having a high profile vanity number is a part of the package.

Cloud computing is already changing our economy at record speed. Is your organization positioned to win in this new era or are you fighting a losing battle?

Cloud computing is remolding our future every second and has perhaps played the biggest role in lowering the unemployment rate and keeping the United States from falling to third world status. It is the one thing consistently helping large organizations to remain profitable and compete against foreign competitors while spurring the launch of new start ups and the growth of small businesses.

Is your business phone number allowing you to be all you can be?

All eyes were on the President the other night as he delivered the State of the Union address a large part of which focused on job creation and business development. He reminded the nation of the greatest asset everyone in this country enjoys, the ability to reap great rewards in return for hard work and innovation.

When someone mentions vanity numbers there are probably a select few which immediately pop into your head. How can you develop and capitalize on this level of brand recognition for your own enterprise?

Some of the most generic vanity numbers have done incredibly well for building industry dominating corporations. Of course most of these are already taken but this doesn 't mean that you can 't get your hands on a catchy toll free number which will ingrain itself in the minds of your prospects.

There are various advertising techniques and strategies available which are proven to drive traffic and increase sales. It does not matter whether you have a small, mid-sized or large business. Most success comes from great advertising campaigns, topped with a great product or service, of course.

Looking for winning toll free numbers for your business? Check out the following tips for searching and finding the best possible toll free numbers.

Use Shorter Keyword Phrases

Try beginning your search for toll free numbers with individual keywords or shorter keyword phrases. The best search tools will automatically return additional toll free number options. You can go up to 10 digits or letters but it is much wiser to start with shorter, easier to remember ones and expand your search if you need to.

Keep Your Prefix Options Open

1. Time to Tweak Your Web Domain Name?

Whether you are working on re-branding or just want to improve your credibility and PPC advertising results, acquiring a web domain name which incorporates your toll free number can be a great move. This doesn't mean you have to abandon your current Internet domain yet, you can have multiple domains all forwarding to your WordPress blog while you test them.

2. Go BIG with Your Vanity Number

Ready to launch your first major round of marketing campaigns for the year? Maybe you aren't…

The holidays are out of the way, you are finally getting caught up, you have tuned into to the most important advertising trends of the year and are ready to unleash your campaigns just in time to capitalize on the flood of consumers flush with cash from tax rebates. However, without the right toll free numbers you could be setting yourself up for failure.