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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Many business phone systems offer exciting, crucial benefits and features that you will find invaluable for your and your business. Business phone systems can be modified for both large and small businesses to best suit their needs. By comparing these benefits, you will be able to determine what features are best for you. These enhanced phone system features are cost effective and promise to save your businesses time, increase revenue, all while maintaining customer relationships.

1. Claim Your Freedom With A Toll Free Number
What's the point in owning your own business if you can't enjoy your freedom, especially the freedom to travel or work from home during the holidays? If you don't have one yet, a toll free number is a must-have before we get too deep into the holidays. If you do have one make sure that you are utilizing all the toll free routing and forwarding features at your disposal.

2. Draft Your Marketing Plan

Statistics indicate that the utilization of multiple toll free numbers are extremely effective for businesses. Research indicates that they are extremely cost effective. People like doing business with companies that have multiple toll free numbers. This is why the majority of profitable businesses have purchased Toll Free Service Numbers to ensure their success. You can too.

So you've just acquired a new vanity number. Congratulations! However, which of your marketing pieces are you going to feature your number on? The answer is definitely all of them! You should have at least one main constant toll free number that is displayed on all of your communications. Consistency is key.

So how necessary is it for your business to acquire a toll free number? This answer should be simple. In today's economy, your business needs to stand out from others in your industry.  Toll free numbers can help you stand apart from your competition and get the sale. The importance of Toll Free Numbers is extremely viable and important to ensure your business's success and growth.

1. It's All About Quality Data
While organizations are under more pressure than ever to shave expenses there is no substitute for high quality data for your call center agents to call on. If you want to increase your ROI and shorten your cash flow cycle then don't skimp on your leads. In fact, today you may find the best solution is to generate your own warm leads to call on via social media instead of acquiring stale, overworked lists.

2. Listen To Your Call Center Agents