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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Have you ever considered getting an international toll free number? Whether you 're an entrepreneur, corporate executive, freelancer, creative artist, or a business owner, there 's no doubt you'll benefit from an international toll free number. Think of the endless benefits it could provide while traveling! It allows you to attend to pressing matters even while on vacation, at a conference, or on a business trip, and gives YOU more flexibility to work where you please!

Aside from giving you freedom and flexibility, an international toll free number also contains a wide range of features including the following:

Unemployment is still at an incredible high, which is no longer just softening retail figures but is stirring civil unrest as seen in the increasing coverage of the Occupy Wall Street Protests. Last week we discussed how employers in need of staff could not only be doing more to solve this problem but could be getting more attention from great talent by using toll free numbers. However, there is a lot more that toll free numbers can do for those in need of work too.

What areUsing Web Analytics to Develop a Solid Marketing Strategy can Increase Profits web analytics exactly and why are they considered good marketing strategies? It used to be that companies could afford to try different marketing strategies all the time. Since the recession, it's harder and harder for companies to afford to do that. Now it's time to buckle down and to figure out which marketing strategies work best by taking advantage of web analytics.

1. Better Leads
Instead of acquiring stale lists or expensive leads which claim to be "exclusive" and never are, maximize your marketing ROI and provide call center agents with warm leads from social media. These are easy to generate and with a few outsourced data entry staff you could quickly boost your following and be pulling in hot leads from the web yourself.