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Monthly Archives: July 2011

800 vanity numbers have clearly established themselves as one of the most powerful tools businesses can take advantage of in the last few years, regardless of industry. However, 800 vanity numbers are themselves now being used to spawn some of the most innovative and profitable companies in the country.


So if you are looking for a new business idea or need to convince your business partner on just how valuable an 800 vanity number can be, consider the following three stories.



Is making money on the Internet really possible or is it all just a myth hyped up by marketers?

Beyond the hype, lots of people are making lots of money on the Internet everyday. Not just a few dollars here and there to compliment their regular income and offset their expenses, but in many cases millions of dollars, not just a year but every month!

You have heard again and again that toll free numbers are crucial business tools and can have an incredible positive impact on your advertising effectiveness. Well, here is the proof in numbers from several studies to back it up.