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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Marketers and businesses in all industries now know that toll free numbers are one of the most powerful marketing tools that can rocket their advertising effectiveness. This surge in demand has lead to a scramble for the best 1 800 phone numbers, making it very frustrating to find an affordable and effective 1800 phone number that is also affordable. However, one leading toll free number provider has launched a new solution, putting the best numbers at the finger tips of every entrepreneur.

Every business needs marketing and advertising to promote themselves and their products or services. Though if you are not careful and get caught up in illegal methods of advertising you could find yourself fined out of business in no time at all.

Are you making sure that your prospects and customers all have your business phone number handy for when they need you, decide it is time to actually take you up on one of your offers or even refer you to someone else? Sometimes it is just easier and faster to call and just call the company's number you have on hand when you are really ready to take immediate action. So take a look at the following seven ways to make sure that consumers have your number ready, so that they choose you.