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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Phone number management is one of the most important parts of running a successful business. Any entrepreneur or manager who has set up a new business or office has no doubt faced the hassles of setting up phone numbers and phone systems. However, problems can go even further than hassles or irritations. While toll free business phone numbers are so important, it can be frustrating when they are also the source of so many headaches.

The features, package, and cost of toll free services vary from one provider to another. Some companies offer sophisticated features you may or may not need. Before selecting a provider, it is especially crucial to weigh options carefully to find the right solution that provides value for your money. Always take note that there is a standard list of features (or basic functionalities) you can expect after getting a toll free number.

Creating a brand today not only involves marketing products, services, and offers on traditional media, but having a strong presence on the Internet is important as well. The first step in this initiative is to choose a high-quality domain name that will let your company stand out from the rest. In your domain name search endeavor, many characteristics should be looked for, including:

The release of the much anticipated 855 prefix for toll free numbers is almost here, but why choose an 855 number? For many companies and entrepreneurs, 855 numbers are the best option simply due to the ease of acquiring them. Premium vanity numbers for all of the previous toll free number prefixes are almost all taken. While leading toll free service providers can assist you with tracking down the owners of these coveted numbers and assist in negotiations, you will often find that 855 numbers are more cost-effective or your only option in many industries. This situation is especially true for new start-ups and small businesses who have realized that they need to improve their branding or correct it to match the new directions the opportunities in their industries are leading them in.

No matter whether you are an entrepreneur with your own small business or an executive or manager for a medium or large international corporation, everyone can use more quality time to spend with partners, family, or friends, or just to spend more time focusing on the big picture for your business and developing new marketing strategies.

Dealing with phone companies can be one of the most frustrating parts of running a business for entrepreneurs and managers. However, having business phone lines that run smoothly is crucial for any business to operate efficiently and profitably. If you let them, phone companies will run you ragged and not only cause you wasted hours on your end trying to fix routing and billing issues, but their poor management can also result in huge revenue losses for you. So what’s the solution?

Toll free numbers offer many advantages for all aspects of operating a profitable business. You are already no doubt familiar with the incredible branding benefits that toll free and vanity numbers offer as well as the power they offer to maximize marketing ROI. However, toll free numbers also offer amazing advantages in increasing productivity as well.

Businesses across the country are finding that they must offer more and more real value to clients and partner programs in order to retain the ones they have and to differentiate themselves to attract new ones. A great and easy way to provide such value is by bundling services which not only helps clients and partners to be more successful, but it also helps to add to your bottom line as well. Besides just attracting new customers, remember that the biggest and easiest profits can come from repeat business and increasing same customer spending. The more successful you make your clients and customers, the more they will come back to use your services, the more excited they will be, and the greater the likelihood that they will send you referrals. One of the easiest and best tools you can offer and bundle with your other services and products or programs are free 800 numbers.