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Monthly Archives: June 2010

If you’re interested in providing more value to your customers, then consider getting a toll free number. 800 numbers are notable because they provide a win-win solution to both businesses and consumers. For a business, having a 1-800 number is beneficial because it immediately provides a positive boost to the company’s image. When people dial a toll free number, they know your company will shoulder their call and they also feel confident that the person on the other end will provide high-quality service.

Order an 855 Vanity Before They're Gone!

The 855 Toll Free prefix will be released October 1st, 2010. This is from an official announcement just released on June 25th. Custom Toll Free, the leader in toll free consulting, has made it fast and convenient to reserve the new 855 vanity numbers with their online platform. For a small fee, users will be placed in the national queue to reserve their choice of 855 vanity number IMMEDIATELY upon release at midnight on October 1st. With access to an MGI tool (the fastest availalbe connection to the FCC database) clients have a better than average chance of scooping up an amazing vanity number ahead of their competition.

While creativity can be important when it comes to choosing a winning web domain name, a lot more thought should go into choosing one than just the first name that pops into your head. So what should you be considering when it comes to checking domain availability?

The long awaited launch of the new 855 toll free number prefix has just been given a firm date. Those who have been struggling to find a toll free vanity number that meets their needs and marketing programs can now lock in premium 855 numbers if they hurry. The release date for the new 855 numbers is set for 12 Midnight EST on October 1, 2010. However, this does not mean you have time to waste.

Easy access to reverse phone lookups is essential for businesses, and not only for those trying to obtain new numbers and needing to find out who the owners of specific toll free numbers are, but also for those needing to find out who is calling them.

First impressions can be everything to your business, and not having a toll free number says you are probably a new company or a local Mom and Pop business. This impression may seem fine for some who don't have any dreams of making big profits, but limiting yourself in this way could result in you being driven out of business by bigger better branded competitors. You need to position yourself to take care of wider opportunities.

Today’s fast-paced environment requires people to be constantly on the go. That’s why it is important to have mobile capabilities. The sales of cell phones, laptops, and smart phones are all shooting through the roof! There is a big probability that you use different types of communication mediums including Skype, instant messaging, and of course, your mobile phone number.

But customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders will still call the company number that was provided to them. So if you want to manage all important calls, how can you go about it? The solution lies in getting a toll free number. A 1-800 vanity number provides flexibility, mobility, and other unbeatable features to its subscribers. It even has the capability to forward calls to any phone.

While VOIP phone services like Google Voice and Skype have revolutionized communications in the business world, not only for small business, but for media giants like the Fox News network, their one drawback has always been that they do not offer toll free numbers. However, by using the best toll free number management solutions, you can now acquire premium numeric toll free numbers and vanity numbers and have them forwarded seamlessly to any VOIP phone services you are using. This opportunity applies to call centers, remote teams, and freelance providers as well as traveling executives.

Shrinking markets in many industries across the globe–due to worldwide economic crises as well as the development of new, more efficient cloud computing solutions and technology–has meant a boom in businesses now operating internationally. With the world as their oyster, companies can now grow faster and gain revenues from around the world instead of just their local area. The U.S. is clearly one of the largest markets on the planet for any product, and it is necessary to target it for any serious operations. As a result, U.S. business phone lines are a premium commodity. While many Internet phone services like Skype have offered the availability of U.S. business phone numbers, they are becoming limited on the area codes offered, and they have not provided the ability to obtain US 1800 numbers.

Vanity numbers are far more than just another business phone line. Numerous possibilities exist for how vanity numbers can help you to close deals in a tangible way. First, compared to using regular business phone lines and local numbers, vanity numbers have been proven dramatically to increase advertising effectiveness and response rates. With a well chosen toll free number or batch of numbers, you can expect to see a significantly higher response rate to your marketing. Clearly, every campaign is different and may make different vanity numbers desirable; however, on average most businesses see at least a 14% rise in customers contacting them as a result of using vanity numbers.