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Monthly Archives: April 2010

The benefits of using an 800 number for your business are undeniable. It comes as no surprise that the most catchy custom toll free numbers are already taken. But those who are just looking into this option right now should not be discouraged because there are still a lot of custom toll free numbers to go around. Just make sure to get the number you like immediately.

The total number of Skype users hit 521 million people as of the fourth quarter of 2009. That is an astounding figure no matter which way you look at it. Serious business owners who want to expand their market and be easily reachable to their customers should thus look into the opportunities it presents. There are many possibilities to explore. While some opt to sign-up for a Skype account to manage VOIP calls, others have decided that the best way to take advantage of Skype is to get a toll free number.

According to new statistics, 27 million companies are doing business in the U.S., with approximately 553,000 new businesses being filed each year. While only a percentage of these may be competing in your specific industry, that is still a lot of competition for your prospects’ hard earned wages and profits. The one piece of crucial information involved in any marketing campaign, advertising message, or conversation with a potential prospect is your business phone number. What does your phone number say about you and your company? For those thinking it is “just a number,” nothing could be further from the truth. No matter where you operate or with whom you do transactions, toll free numbers and vanity numbers have proven to make a huge impact on an enterprise’s success or failure.

Tougher economic times across the globe are forcing businesses and customers to be more cautious with their spending and to reevaluate with whom they do business. The failure of many companies and the scandals surrounding a number of industries have taught consumers powerful lessons about choosing with whom to work. Having toll free numbers and vanity numbers for your main business lines and marketing campaigns means presenting a more credible and professional image to give your potential customers confidence in your business.

Even if you are able to drive a large volume of calls into your call center, that volume does not always convert into a lot of sales. The result equates to throwing your money down the drain or even worse, mailing a check to your competitors, because that is where your lost customers are going. The main reasons why customers fall out of your business cycle are either 1) your marketing was not on target and well tested or 2) your prospects do not have the confidence in your company they need to make the commitment. Using toll free and vanity numbers, however, can create huge improvements in your closing ratios.


Businesses use vanity toll free numbers for a wide variety of reasons. Foremost, vanity toll free numbers are a great tool to aid in verbal branding and company recognition. Similar to any promotional tool, an 800 number cannot reach its optimum potential unless the public is aware of its existence. That’s why it is important to combine this initiative with other marketing efforts including advertising and public relations.

The many branding and marketing advantages of using 800 numbers are well known. However, many businesses are unaware of the many other ways toll free services can be used to improve operations and to create a better oiled profit making machine. Most 800 number providers offer a range of toll free number tools that can be used to increase employee effectiveness, which in turn can lead to lower operating costs, higher closing ratios, and larger profits. 

Business continuity is a factor many small, medium, and even large businesses often greatly overlook to their detriment. Many entrepreneurs and managers are so wrapped up in just getting a product or venture off the ground in hopes they can make it through the first crucial years that they give little thought to protecting all their revenue and hard work. Sure some have business insurance, but when was the last time you had an insurance policy that really made up for your losses? A business is not like a car or a home. You may be able to replace your office, but what about all the downtime during an emergency? Any period of time when a company is out of action, especially its phone lines, it means not only wasted advertising dollars, but lost revenues, and even worse, the loss of hard earned market share. Fortunately, toll free numbers can ensure you business continuity in almost any man-made or natural disaster situation.