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    Good news! Custom Toll Free is currently upgrading toll free number search to show even more vanity number results. During this upgrade, you may not see all of the toll free numbers that are available. Let us provide a customized search for you!

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Premium Toll Free Search Service

Custom Toll Free® offers personalized toll free number search services. Our toll free number search process is intended to secure the toll free number you want quickly and efficiently. Though every client is different, we take the following steps for every toll free number search to ensure the best vanity number results for your business.   We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

  • 1 Step

    Search Criteria

  • 2 Step

    Application Review

  • 3 Step

    Consulting Deposit

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  • 5 Step

    Securing the Number

  • 6 Step

    Final Consulting Payment

  • 7 Step

    Contact to get personalized toll free services...

Toll Free Monitoring Service

Why Can’t I Just Do It Myself?
There are many web sites that will allow you to find out the status and phone company of a toll free number, but at Custom Toll Free® you can just tell us what number you wish to monitor and every month we will automatically send you the current information. Have a particular number that you really want? Get notified if a number becomes available, disconnected or changes phone companies. This service costs just $7.50 a month and can be updated or cancelled at any time.