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We have teamed with Commission Junction to provide you one of the best ways to promote CTF premium and vanity toll free number services. As a member of the CJ Network, you will have access to a variety of promotional tools including banners, text links, and our Sticky Widgets to help you refer customers and potential customers to our online toll free number search and provisioning system.

Once there, if a customer subscribes for a toll free number through the online interface, you’ll receive 30-50% commission of a standard month licensing fee! If the customer decides to fill out one of our contact forms you’ll still get $1 for the lead.

Aside from the great commissions, you’ll get to take advantage of the following program benefits:

  • 90 Day Cookie Duration
  • Wide Open PPC Policy
  • Unique Creative
  • Monthly Offers to Promote
  • Dedicated Account Management

If you have any questions prior to joining the program, feel free to email us at or click the link below to apply today.

Ready to get started? You can join online here.