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Toll Free Selection Tips

  1. Choose the best toll free prefix for your situation

    Numbers with an 800 prefix are the most highly valued and are becoming scarce. They also receive 25% of calls intended for 855/866/877/888/855/844 numbers.

    Use your best judgment! If a number has a great ring, it might be ringing for you soon!

  2. Its better to reduce mixing words and numbers

    The most successful toll free vanity numbers do not include meaningless numbers. People are more likely to remember words, so numbers that are comprised of only words are considered more valuable.

  3. Pick words that are easy to spell

    The words you choose for your toll free vanity number must be easy to spell to ensure they will be remembered correctly.

  4. Choose your words carefully

    The words you choose for your toll free vanity number should generally be part of the American lexicon if English-speaking Americans are your target market.

    It must make sense and describe your product/service or fit in a well-crafted tag line like “call 1-800-SOLUTIONS for solutions to your financial problems.”

  5. Integrate your toll free vanity number throughout your business

    Execution is everything. Your toll free vanity number must be seamlessly intertwined and highly visible in everything the public sees or hears about your company.

  6. Consider securing number variations

    • What is the status of the different prefixes for your number? 800/855/866/877/888/855/844? Use our Reverse Lookup Tool to find out!
    • have you checked for common misspellings or similar words?
    • Do you have variations with zeroes for O’s?
  7. When to choose a numeric toll free number

    Numeric-only numbers don’t have the same memorability as vanity numbers (numbers that spell something), although some people prefer them because they are easy to dial. Numeric numbers are especially good for:

    • Foreign language audiences where the audience might cover several languages.
    • Call centers that change clients repeatedly. Blocks of easy to remember numeric numbers would be more valuable to your clients than words that may not apply to their businesses.

    When in doubt, give us a call!

    We can help you locate the best words and numbers for your business! We’ve been doing this for more than 17 years and counting!

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