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    Good news! Custom Toll Free is currently upgrading toll free number search to show even more vanity number results. During this upgrade, you may not see all of the toll free numbers that are available. Let us provide a customized search for you!

    *Include keywords, business or product names to receive additional number results.

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Use our powerful free search tool above to check the largest group of numbers available anywhere on the internet. Just enter a word you would like to appear in your new toll free number and we’ll show you the results from millions of numbers searched.

How long does it take?

Activation usually happens within 2 hours if your order is placed during business hours. Otherwise it’s the next business day. In rare cases a number can take up to 3 days for proper activation.

What comes with my number?

  • FREE Voicemail system that also provides email notification.
  • FREE Online Fax Services for receiving faxes without a fax machine.
  • FREE 100 Talk Minutes Per Month, and the option to add more at any time.
  • FREE Call Conferencing for conducting essential business tasks.
  • FREE Online Account Management so that you can change where you recieve calls.
  • FREE Call Forwarding to make business management easier.
  • FREE Call Blocking to protect your minutes and time.
  • FREE Access to Call Details so you can track your marketing response.
  • FREE Ability to Set Maximum Call Length to keep costs under control.
  • FREE Inbound Caller ID options so you can see when your toll free number is calling.

See our Basic Services for even more services and details!

What advanced features do you offer?

We charge competitive rates for the following services:

  • Virtual PBX (Auto Attendant) with no hardware or software to buy or install.
  • Hunt Groups for even call distribution, get your calls at several different numbers.
  • Call Announcement so that you know what number the user dialed, even when you don’t have Caller ID.
  • Call Recording for quality assurance.
  • VoIP Termination if you own VoIP equipment.

See our Enhanced Calling Services for more details!

How does billing work?

Your first bill will be a prorate amount for your number usage (but not for minutes – we can’t prorate these). Then you will continue to be billed your full monthly fee (including prepackaged minutes) on the first of every month.

If you would like to pay for a period in advance, please call our sales team for special arrangements.

How do I use toll free numbers in Direct Response Campaigns?

By using multiple numbers and our account management tools, you can track which campaigns have been the most effective. We can assist you with multiple number purchases over the phone – 1-800-CUSTOMIZE.