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Customer Feedback

“Custom Toll Free are specialists in toll free numbers – and their search and back-end technologies are second to none. We are excited to work with them as we continue to develop new ways to empower entrepreneurs to succeed.”
Don Schiavone
Chief Operating Officer

The Custom Toll Free SMS API is a core SMS system that enables RespOrgs to make the following API calls: reserve, query, spare, disconnect and change RespOrg. This industry-standard API service enables a RespOrg to effectively manage their business for a lower cost.


RespOrg- The RespOrgID of the RespOrg that currently holds this number. An example ID is “RUC01”.

Status- Identifies the status of the toll free number. For example, a status may be Working, Assigned, Reserved, Spare, disconnect and more.

Status Date- Date of the last status change.

  • Reserve – Reserve a toll free number from the Spare Pool into the RespOrg of your choice. Once a number is reserved, it can be held for 45 days before it must be either connected or released.
  • Query – A query to the SMS/800 database to determine the RespOrg and status of a toll free number. The query will return the following information:
  • Spare – Release a disconnected or reserved number to the Spare Pool.
  • Disconnect – Disconnects a working number
  • Change RespOrg – Transfer a number into or out of a RespOrg by changing the RespOrg ID from one RespOrg to another.
  • Query Record – Get a list of all records on a toll free number.
  • Retrieve – Retrieve a record from a toll free in XML format.
  • Resporg Check – Download a list of all numbers in a resporg ID.
  • Request Status – Check the status of a request that has timed out at the SMS/800.
  • Copy Record – Copy a record (CAD/LAD/CPR) from a pre-existing template onto a number
  • Update Record – Create a new record and apply it to a number

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