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Creating Company Identity through Custom Toll Free Numbers

We try so many ways to bring our companies to the forefront and make our brand memorable. Great logos, great branding, good advertisements- they are important and they are usually an investment in your future. But there have to be other ways to make your company, even a small company, memorable.


Have you considered a custom 800 number? Your number is one of the main sales connections of your company. The direct line, if you will, into your bank account. And if that number easily comes to mind, the likelihood of it being called more often increases dramatically. If you have to choose between two printers and the phone number of one is 1-800-PRINTER, in a crisis I know the printer that I’m more likely to call and I bet you would too.


How do you choose a toll free number? It’s not always the number you think you are going to use. For example 1-800-CHARLIE was probably taken a long time ago. But Charlie’s restaurant might instead use 1-866-4CHARLIE’s as there is no issue with numbers longer than seven digits or even 1-800-GOOD-EATS as that’s what Charlie always says and it makes the customers smile.


Are you ready to explore a custom toll free number for your company? Take a look and see what you can find with our powerful search tool. You just might find the gem that makes your company shine. (Link)