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Put the 4 in 2014 with a New Vanity Number

Small Business Growth, Small Business Success, Toll Free Vanity Number, Vanity NumbersIt’s New Years Eve! What are your small business plans for 2014? Do they include maximizing business opportunities by using a toll free vanity number? If not, they should. 2014 promises small business success, for those businesses that reach for growth and opportunities. Reach for yours with a toll free number.

In fact, countless businesses and services utilize vanity numbers to make it easier for callers to remember their phone number. Still not convinced? Numerous studies concur that vanity numbers are a great addition to a business because they can help increase brand recognition, increase callbacks, and even help aid in material advertising.

Before you get yours, review these four elements.

The New 844 Number is Here and Hot

844 toll free numberThe FCC officially released the long awaited and much anticipated 844 toll free number on December 7th, 2013. This is the first time since 2010 that a new prefix has been released. As far as when the next prefix will be released, well, that’s anybody’s guess. If you just got the news and are a latecomer to the release party, there’s still a chance for you to get your new 844 number, and here’s why.

There are millions of 844 numbers still available.

You did not read that wrong. This means that you still have a good shot at securing the perfect that represents your business. But there is no time like the present, of course.

Tried and True Methods to Growing Your Small Business with 844 Toll Free Numbers

844 vanity toll free numbers, 844 toll free numbers , small business growthThere are a number of proactive methods to take to ensure small business growth in today’s competitive business world.


Therefore, it’s wise to tackle your branding from top to bottom with an ongoing metric. Aside from making it easier for your callers to contact you—and for them to remember your business name and brand—using 844 toll free numbers as another strategy can also work for you.




Establishing Your Online Presence

Can a Toll Free Number Boost Small Business Growth?

toll free numbers, vanity numbers, small business growthSo how do you grow a small business? Step one: Make it easy for customers to contact you. For some customers, it is all about calling a number for free with the ease and convenience of their mobile phones. For others, it’s about the ability to easily recall a number.

Studies concur that toll free numbers increase brand recognition substantially. Perhaps this is why a large percentage of printed ads, including magazines, billboards and even newspaper advertisements, feature toll free numbers. It’s all about growing the business by expanding reach and connecting with existing as well as prospective customers in a unique, creative, and meaningful manner.

How 844 Can Change Your Marketing Landscape

branding, vanity numbers, toll free numbers,The marketing landscape is expected to change in the near future with the 844 toll free prefix release on the not-too-distant horizon. The FCC only releases new toll free prefixes once every few years to a decade or due to high demand, which is the case with the new 844 toll free prefix. The 855 prefix was released several years ago and due to popularity and high demand, the FCC is now about to release the new 844 toll free prefix. This is a clear testament to how effective toll free numbers are for small businesses.



Monumental Moment for Small Businesses

How to Get 844 Vanity Numbers Pre-ordered

844 vanity numbers, toll free vanity numbersIf you have been keeping abreast of the news regarding the upcoming release of the new 844 toll free number prefix, then you may be wondering how you can get your hands on a new number. The good news is there is a way. With Custom Toll Free you can pre-order an 844 number reservation, boosting your chances to get the vanity 844 number that best suits your business. Here are some tips on how you can get your hands on the best 844 vanity number available.


Research Your Desired Vanity Number

Are You Missing the Call-to-Action? Some Tips for your Social Media and Vanity Toll Free Number Branding

800 toll free number, social media branding, Vanity 800 Number, vanity numbersWhat does the perfect marketing campaign consist of? Maybe it’s actively using Facebook or Twitter, or Pinterest’ed people in your product, or even what we love most: a vanity toll free number spelling out exactly what they need and what you do best. While it may not be everything to get the calls you want from customers, sometimes lost in the shuffle of catchy slogans and charming spokespersons is the simple gesture: the call to action.

Imagine for a moment a world without customer service. This could be as costly as introducing yourself without a handshake. But it goes beyond green and red buttons and the “Call Now” taglines at the end of your advertising. Review your social media accounts and posts to make sure you’re getting your message right. Here are a few pointers:

Why Businesses and Customers Need 800 Numbers

The purpose of 800 toll free numbers is to boost communications between the customer and the business; not just in having businesses pick up the tab, but also in protecting customers from phone companies. 1-800 numbers function under a large framework designed to protect both consumers and businesses, ensuring that phone communications remain reliable and affordable.

A generation or so ago when 800 numbers were first implemented, long distance rates for telephone calls were very high. The reason 800 toll free numbers became popular is because they are a way for businesses to help customers and to bring in more call volume and possibly more sales and conversions. Throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s, the vanity number became a sign of trust. In fact, it became a staple in direct response marketing which is still successful in many marketing campaigns. 800 toll free numbers still function as an efficient, cost-effective and convenient medium today.

Free Advice & Entrepreneurial Education Sessions from Small Business Week 2013

National Small Business, Small Business, Entrepreneurs, Vanity NumbersAs the nation’s 50th Small Business Week comes to a close, we reflect on the changes that face small business. While it’s true that America is built upon the foundation of millions of small businesses in this country, what is not often recognized is the monumental effect these businesses have upon our economic stability as a nation. Small businesses make up our economic system as a whole and certainly support our local communities.

New Technology Levels Playing Field for Small Business Owners

Vanity Numbers, Entrepreneurs, Technology, Small BusinessWhat technology should you be getting your hands on to take on bigger competitors?

Monday sees the start of the SBA’s 50th annual National Small Business Week in Seattle, WA. This year it seems small businesses have even more to celebrate as evolving technology equips them to take on even the biggest and best funded corporate giants.

While economic uncertainty may have held some back over the last year, entrepreneurs seem to have decided to create their own futures. They aren’t just dipping their toes in the water, they are dragging that bull by the horns, creating new jobs as they go, and forcing improvement in the economy.

What is a Shared Number?
What is a Shared Number?
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