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How to Create a Memorable Vanity Number That Works

Vanity Number; 844 toll free number; Creativity; InnovationIn today’s technologically-driven society, why do we need toll free numbers? Aren’t they a thing of the past? The truth is toll free numbers are still a hot commodity, especially with the recent release of the 844 toll free prefix. The fact is most businesses these days still offer a toll free number on their websites.

Toll free numbers are proven to increase callback rates, increase positive ad responses, and to help customers better connect and associate your business and brand. But before you hurry up and grab yours, where do you start? Here are some tips to consider.

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3 Reasons Why Custom Toll Free’s BOGO Deal is a BIG Deal

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Better Communication is Better Customer Service

How Vanity Toll Free Numbers Boost Communications and Break Barriers

Does your technology create barriers, separating you from audiences and businesses from whom you could greatly benefit? Many of today’s technological trends feature Smartphone apps capable of ordering pizzas, voting for the next American Idol, shopping for clothing or even groceries. We’ll admit, some of them are really cool but aren’t for everyone. If you’re a small business counting every commission and every customer as a means of survival, sometimes excluding those who don’t succumb to all the technological trends can prove detrimental to your operations.

Chances are that customers with language barriers or disabilities are always going to feel singled out. This could be due to age, a physical or mental disability, or living conditions that keep them from bringing their business to you. Unfortunately, many businesses stay on one side of the barrier, opting to turn them away. But if you can bridge those gaps, you can turn those shrugs into sales.

The Benefits of Google Glass and Click-To-Call for Your Vanity Toll Free Numbers

vanity toll free number, google glass toll free number, vanity toll free numberThis new technological debate has been going on for the last few months: What exactly is Google “Glass”? Even search engine experts have been scratching their heads at the thought of it: Google Glasses? Luckily Google’s great minds have chosen a few thousand or so to rock out a pair in the real world. We are getting ready to see just what these pair of frames can bring to our already technologically savy. By dialing a special 800 toll free number and entering a specific code, the “chosen” ones can get their hands on this game-changing prototype.

Optimizing Your Call Tracking For More Connections and Conversions

vanity number, vanity toll free number, click to call advertising, 800 toll free numbers, The purpose of call tracking is to understand why customers are calling you, what they are looking for, and how you can strengthen your marketing message. Whether or not your business relies on the use of phone calls and call tracking, phone calls matter. There are still many businesses today that process their orders through phone calls at a higher volume than through a website.

As much as an attractive website design displaying all your awesome features is necessary, so is accessibility. So how can you get a few more calls, a few more sales, and a few more indicators for your call tracking services?

The (Dangerously) High Cost of Giving Up Toll Free Services

toll free services, vanity number, vanity toll free numberIn today’s economic times, you may have heard about businesses—big and small—cutting down on amenities to save costs.

More and more are opting for customers to come and pay the tab.

While we understand the need for businesses to stay “lean” and keep themselves in a better position for profit, we also know that by cutting certain amenities, like a vanity toll free number from your business, you are also cutting:

·         An easy to remember, paperless, calling card.

·         A more professional and established look for your business.

The Importance of Promoting Your Small Business Brand


Small Business, Branding, Advertising EffectivenessThe importance of having a reputable and unique brand for your small business brand goes without saying. A reputable brand is directly tied to your marketing efforts and advertising effectiveness and how customers and potential customers view your business.

Some of the larger brands, such as Apple, may encounter some difficulty in the near future with their brand. Apple may still be in the news as always, but not for customer opinions may have changed. Customers may be losing interest in what the large tech company’s new gadgets.

Mashable’s breakdown of the latest earnings report covered what they called “4 Big Red Flags”:

1.    Profit decline

2.    Poor outlook

3.    Nothing new

Pro-Tips on Selecting Prospects for a Vanity Toll Free Number Spelling

vanity number, branding tips, vanity toll free number, toll free numbers, get a toll free numberWhen sorting out prospects for a toll free vanity number spelling, you have to first figure out what you want. For the best results in accessibility and increasing name and brand recognition, the spelling must embrace your business. Choosing something that emphasizes what you provide in seven simple alphanumerical characters can go a lot farther than a vague spelling.

How Can a Toll Free Number Grow Your Website Traffic?


Can a toll free number really boost your website traffic? If so how can you capitalize on your toll free numbers and use them to drive more prospects, leads, and revenue through your online storefront?

There are at least four ways a toll free number can help to generate Internet traffic, boost the results of current online marketing efforts and improve loyalty and repeat business…

Where Should I Put My Vanity Number on My Website?


Vanity Number, Toll Free NumberThere’s a simple answer to this question that can be expressed in two words: prominently and everywhere.

What is a Shared Number?
What is a Shared Number?
Why Vanities Work Why Vanities Work

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