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U.S. Economy

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Getting A USA 1800 Number Has Never Been Easier

Shrinking markets in many industries across the globe--due to worldwide economic crises as well as the development of new, more efficient cloud computing solutions and technology--has meant a boom in businesses now operating internationally. With the world as their oyster, companies can now grow faster and gain revenues from around the world instead of just their local area. The U.S. is clearly one of the largest markets on the planet for any product, and it is necessary to target it for any serious operations. As a result, U.S. business phone lines are a premium commodity. While many Internet phone services like Skype have offered the availability of U.S. business phone numbers, they are becoming limited on the area codes offered, and they have not provided the ability to obtain US 1800 numbers.

What is a Shared Number?
What is a Shared Number?
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