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Tips on Finding a Vanity Toll Free Number 800 That Works for You

Finding the toll free number 800 that works for your business is not the easiest task when considering a vanity number. Many business owners struggle during the brainstorming process when trying to think of ideas that will both work and that are available for usage. This helpful guide can get you off in the right direction when trying to find the right vanity number for your entity.


Play Around with Seven Character Ideas

The best thing to do is just start thinking about your number. Keep in mind that a vanity number worthwhile will take a great deal of thought. Play around with seven character words and word sequences that relate to your business. Try and think of at least ten different sequences that would work to get the best results. As you think about new numbers that could be the vanity solution for your business, cross reference them. Expand your search by using wildcard prefixes to find all available numbers rather than limiting yourself to one prefix.

866, 800 Numbers Or 888 What's The Difference

f you are looking into acquiring new toll free numbers one of the big questions you probably have is which type of prefix is best. Are 800 numbers really the best or does it matter at all?


Could An 855 Toll Free Number Be The Best Investment You Make This Year?

Need to boost your revenues and profit margins this year? An 855 toll free number can help by maximizing your marketing ROI and could be the best investment you make this year.

Some have even called acquiring an 855 toll free number ‘the best investment of the decade’!

Reverse Phone Lookup Service for Businesses

Businesses are realizing that vanity numbers and toll free numbers in general are not only essential for staying in business and maintaining market share but are also the lowest cost way to boost their advertising effectiveness and marketing ROI. It used to be that trying to find a toll free vanity number that worked for your company and matched your branding and positioning meant hours on the phone speaking with less than expert customer service representatives looking up different numerical combinations. Fortunately, that difficulty is no longer necessary.

Easy Upsell: All Your Clients Need a 1-800 Number

The toll free services industry is becoming bigger business than ever. Companies are realizing that having a 1-800 number and especially a 1-800 vanity number is crucial to starting up a successful business and to holding onto their dearly valued market share. While many companies in the past have seen the value of a 1-800 number or vanity number for boosting their credibility and building a solid brand, now most businesses are seeing the advantage of having multiple 1-800 numbers. This increased desire for multiple vanity numbers or numeric toll free numbers stems from companies understanding the need to do better testing to improve their advertising effectiveness and marketing ROI, which have become essential for business survival in tighter economic times. Multiple toll free numbers are essential to achieving these goals; take a look at a couple of these reasons below...

More digits mean more options when choosing a vanity toll free number

Many callers don’t even notice, but there are often extra digits in vanity toll free numbers. Almost all phone systems are trained to ignore the extra digits, so the call will go through even if eight or nine, rather than seven, digits follow the toll-free prefix.

Vanity toll-free numbers drive sales by making it easy for consumers to remember your number. While the ideal is to find a seven-letter message that translates to an available seven-letter number, what’s most important is that the message be easy to remember.

If using eight or nine letters creates a truly memorable message, you can go for it. 1-888-INSULATE, 1-866-LAWNCARE are examples of eight-letter messages where having the extra letter makes all the difference. You’ll also see an extra digit or two added at the front to differentiate your custom toll-free number, such as 1-877-99-LAWNCARE .

Custom Toll Free provides some great tools, including our Available Toll Free Number Search, to help you create memorable vanity numbers. Use words you have in mind, and take a look at some of the alternatives words our tool will suggest for you. You can even adjust your search to generate results that fit the monthly price range you want to pay.

What is a Shared Number?
What is a Shared Number?
Why Vanities Work Why Vanities Work

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