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Commercialization of Artificial Intelligence Makes Lunar Leap for Small Business Marketing

Small Business Marketing, Technology, Maximize Marketing ROI, Vanity NumbersEverything you thought you knew about winning at small business marketing is about to change with the commercialization of A.I. technology…

Cognitive Code Corporation announced that it is releasing its military grade artificial intelligence technology ‘SILVIA’ to commercial developers. Once developers get dug in and begin putting SILVIA to use for marketing the advances will make Google Glass and today’s mobile marketing look like Stone Age developments.

The Importance of Toll Free Vanity Numbers

Toll Free Vanity Numbers, Toll Free Numbers, Vanity NumbersAre toll free vanity numbers really that important or just a "nice to have"? Many forego them; assuming that they are just a vanity item and that they can do just fine without them.

Should I Get a Vanity Number For My Business?

Vanity NumberShould you get a toll free vanity number for your business, or is all the noise about these premium business phone numbers just hype?

Why Get a Vanity Number for Your Business?

Many would argue that your business can't be taken seriously without a vanity number but the real, tangible benefits of toll free numbers go way beyond looks.

How Do Vanity Numbers Help Your Business?

Vanity numbers are incredibly powerful business tools, which provide many short and long term advantages to those who use them.

These premium toll free numbers have long been sought after for their incredible branding benefits. Not only do they give CEOs superior bragging rights, they provide enhanced visibility and brand recognition, which can easily be used to dominate markets.

Can I Have Two or More Toll Free Numbers to Ring the Same Line?

Are you getting the most out of your marketing, staff, and business phone lines? Flexible routing and forwarding for toll free numbers can make all the difference in ROI and the bottom line.

Yes, businesses can forward two or more toll free numbers to the same phone line. In fact they can forward entire batches to the same "ring to" number. This is easy to do upon setting up a new number and only takes as long as typing in the digits of the number you want calls to go to.

#Cloud Computing #Technology versus Local Marketing and Your Vanity Numbers

Businesses are being pulled in two different directions today. Cloud computing is becoming an ever more important tool for companies seeking to maximize marketing ROI and fatten their bottom lines. However, at the same time the media is being flooded with the message that businesses need to be focusing on their local marketing. Global or local, what's the right move?

Hot #Technology: New #iPad 3 Launch & Maximizing Marketing ROI

The new iPad 3 hits the streets today, upgraded and ready to rock for business professionals and entrepreneurs. Is it really better and how can it help close more deals?

Toll Free Services to Give You More Time Off During the Holidays

Hoping for extra time off for the holidays but not sure how you are going to swing it without seeing your income stall? Check out the following 3 ways toll free services can help you pull it off.

1. Increase Your Revenues Now

Why Are Toll Free Numbers Popular?

There are so many reasons why toll free numbers are in such high demand today that a lengthy book could be written on the subject. So let's take a look at a few of the most popular reasons…

Easy Testing

What Are Web Analytics and How Are They Useful?

Web Analytics are an extremely important tool when it comes to business marketing. Newer online business entrepreneurs are extremely unfamiliar with web analytics, how to use them, or unaware of how helpful they can be. So what ARE web analytics?

What is a Shared Number?
What is a Shared Number?
Why Vanities Work Why Vanities Work

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