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iPhone 5

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The Holiday Mobile Phone War is On

Apple, LG, and Samsung are set to go head to head for market share as holiday gift buying season warms up. Which will you give?

Despite the new iPhone 5 still being far inferior to the current Android line up in many ways, and perhaps not doing near enough to be a future phone that will last, Apple shares topped $700 yesterday.

iPhone 5 Unveiled – Hit or Miss?

Apple just unveiled the new iPhone 5 in San Francisco, so is it a winner and what does it mean for the future of marketing?

Despite recent security concerns surrounding Apple, the web seems to love the new iPhone 5. It brings faster speeds, it has a 4" screen, it's thinner and lighter, and the camera functionalities have improved.

However, the dock connector has been switched much to the dismay of many current Apple users who will need to also get the Lighting adaptor in order to connect with their current accessories.

Apple's San Francisco Conference Packs a Potential (and perhaps not so suprising) Announcement

1800 vanity numbers, custom 800 numbers, business 800 vanity numbers search, custom toll free number, toll free 800 numbers availableBefore you know it, it will be September 12th tomorrow. Do you know where your iPhones are? It is said that a number “12” outlined in the shadow of a number “5” at a conference announcement in San Francisco suggests a final confirmation of the new iPhone 5 release. Members of the technological media field and analysts alike all received invitations, which read: “It’s almost here.”


New iPhone 5 Launch Set but Time to Revisit Your Social Strategy

As Custom Toll Free predicted last week new leaks report an official iPhone 5 launch announcement in the next few weeks, though marketers may be wise to tweak their strategies in order to stay on top through 2013…

Fox News reported yesterday that an official iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPod nano and final version of iOS 6 announcement is expected on September 12th, with an actual launch on September 21st.

iPhone 5 in Production: Best Time to Release Your Mobile App

Leaked details of new the iPhone 5 going into production signals optimal time for businesses to roll out their mobile apps and mobile marketing campaigns…

While Apple still hasn't officially announced an iPhone 5 release date, yesterday Fox News reported a leak from a Chinese manufacturer that it is already in production with the new iPad to follow with shipping expected later this fall.

Is Your Business and Call Center Ready for #iPhone 5?

The new iPad 3 has not just been creating a buzz across business blogs, they have also been flying off shelves in their millions. However, senior analysts at Swiss banking giant, UBS, are calling the new iPhone 5 Apple's real "secret weapon". The question is, are your call center staff, marketing strategies and business phone numbers ready for it?

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What is a Shared Number?
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