Consider it trick or treating for your toll free needs. Order a toll free number in the month of October and get one month for free. No pranking, no extra loops, no nonsense, just one free month of toll free number service. We’re not egging you on, we are just bringing you an honest Halloween special. We’re confident that with these spooky savings you can spice up your Old Hallows Eve celebration.


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The way we think of getting a vanity 800 number is very similar to costume shopping. With something slick-designed and tailored to your business or service specifics, you’ll have a “costumed” number that’s easy to remember, recognizable, catchy to the consciousness of your customers, and most of all, permanent. And what better time than the Halloween season to show it off? Because when the morning of November 1st dawns, the make-up will wear off, the Jack-O-Lanterns will wilt away, and the costumes will find their places in the closets until next year. However, your toll free number will stick around. And between now and November, you won’t pay a thing.


Get on board with this unique seasonal special bringing you one month of monster savings for your vanity 800 number needs. And if you’re unsure of what you want your toll free number service to spell out on the keypad, Custom Toll Free has a vanity number lookup service to show you what kind of number combinations are available and attainable and what you can do to get it up and running. Once you get a toll free number, you’ll get yourself your first free month to see what having a vanity 800 number can do for your business. Think of it as showing up at a party and winning the costume contest. You’ll certainly give your business and vanity branding something to scream about.