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How a Toll Free Number Responded to an Emergency on the Tracks

toll free number 800 toll free number, emergency toll free numbersDid you know that the state of Kansas has over 7,000 miles of railroad track? So what happens when an accident occurs? You may think that calling 911 is the best option for immediate assistance, but that may take time and redirection before connecting to the proper channels. You may be surprised that sometimes a toll free number can work better for quick services.

Emergency 800 Toll Free Numbers For Hurricane Sandy

From cancelled flights, classes, transportation, and forecasts killing the fun of the inner cities spanning the Northeast, Hurricane Sandy has created a shuffle amidst routine plans within the region. At an approximate span of 1000 miles wide, Sandy arrives at a point in the season that doesn’t often see storms of this strength and magnitude climbing the Atlantic.


Toll Free Numbers Ensure Business Continuity

Business continuity is a factor many small, medium, and even large businesses often greatly overlook to their detriment. Many entrepreneurs and managers are so wrapped up in just getting a product or venture off the ground in hopes they can make it through the first crucial years that they give little thought to protecting all their revenue and hard work. Sure some have business insurance, but when was the last time you had an insurance policy that really made up for your losses? A business is not like a car or a home. You may be able to replace your office, but what about all the downtime during an emergency? Any period of time when a company is out of action, especially its phone lines, it means not only wasted advertising dollars, but lost revenues, and even worse, the loss of hard earned market share. Fortunately, toll free numbers can ensure you business continuity in almost any man-made or natural disaster situation.

What is a Shared Number?
What is a Shared Number?
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