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5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Affiliate Marketing

1. Providing the Right Tools

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8 Advertising Myths Busted

1. You Have To Squeeze In Lots Of Keywords

6 Tips For Improving Your Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing still remains one of the best ways to really take your business and revenues to the next level while leveraging your time and resources. If you feel that your affiliate marketing program still hasn’t hit its full potential, check out the following six tips for some ideas.


1. Be More Selective About Affiliates

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How to Build a Profitable Affiliate Network

The first step in building a profitable affiliate network is getting the word out and letting people know that you offer an affiliate program. If they don’t know about it, they can’t sign up and bring you new business. Those actively seeking affiliate programs in your industry may know to click on small links in the fine print at the bottom of your web pages where most companies place theirs. But that type of placement could mean missing out on far too many opportunities. Consider adding an affiliate program link to your main navigation page and even including affiliate opportunity information in regular autoresponders or email newsletters that go out to your opt in list.
However, there is a huge difference between adding a lot of affiliates to your network and actually creating a profitable affiliate network. A poor network of channel partners can do much more damage to your business than good. Some affiliates, especially those new to affiliate marketing, can take up so much of your time without producing results that they cost you money. Instead of signing up everyone who has a pulse, be a little more selective or go after "super affiliates" who do this full time.

What should you consider when approving affiliates?

  • How long they have been in business?
  • What Internet marketing are they actively involved in right now?
  • What are their sales volume/revenue levels?
  • What experience do they have with PPC advertising?
  • How many contacts do they have in their CRM software?
  • How many opt in email addresses do they have?
  • What is their reputation?

How profitable your affiliate network is also relies on how organized you are. You must automate the process as much as possible to reduce the time needed to manage affiliates. Ensure that you have effective tracking so you are not paying out double commissions or paying for fraudulent transactions. The best way to avoid these issues is to join a high quality affiliate network platform and utilize their affiliate software.
Finally in order to maximize the results from your affiliate network, you need to give your affiliates the tools and education needed to help them effectively promote your product or service. The more marketing materials you provide them, the more likely they are to use them and actually produce results.

Image Credit: © Atee83 | Dreamstime.com

How Can I Make Money Online Fast

Every day as we hear new amazing success stories of overnight Internet millionaires, making money online continues to become more and more attractive. However, for those just looking to get started, you probably do not have much much time to lose before you must begin putting money back in your pocket. So how can you make money online fast?
If you want to make money online fast, you must first recognize the common barriers and pitfalls that others have faced and fallen into. Many thousands of people have tried making money on the Internet only to give up after not seeing the quick results that they had expected. This situation normally comes down to two things. First, they simply have the wrong plan or choose the wrong people to work with. Second is not having realistic expectations. That doesn’t mean you can’t make money online fast and reasonably easily, but you do need to anticipate some level of investment and time put in to see a significant income back.
You have no doubt already heard of the concept of affiliate marketing. This term basically means having the ability to market someone else's product or service and earning a commission for every client you refer that becomes an actual customer. Making money on the Internet or anywhere else really couldn’t be any easier. You don’t have to struggle to produce your own merchandise or reinvent the wheel. In many cases, you will find marketing materials already created for you. Plus, by making sure you are working with an established and well-respected industry leader, you are able to lean on its credentials and well developed tools, shaving years off of the curve it takes when launching a new venture from scratch. So the recipe to make money online fast is easy; simply get your own website and blog up and running, find a high quality affiliate program offered by a reputable company, and implement it.

Image Credit: © Gyeah | Dreamstime.com

855 Numbers For Call Centers - Now Is The Time To Boost Your Revenues

In the last eighteen months, the call center business has become more competitive than ever before. With a surge in the demand for outsourcing and the new global way of doing business, third party call centers are now a crucial tool for almost every business. However, there is also more and more pressure to reduce prices and deliver a superior quality of service. To offset these effects on your bottom line and provide a higher level of service, it is necessary to add additional revenue streams. A great way to do so is by offering 855 numbers.

When operating a call center, all of your clients need toll free numbers, and in most cases, blocks of many toll free numbers. So why shouldn’t you be offering toll free numbers and making money from toll free services too? At least one leading toll free service provider is now offering a high quality affiliate marketing program that will enable you to bring in additional revenues naturally from the client base you already have as well as helping you to attract new customers. The recent release of 855 numbers has attracted a lot of press, and as an affiliate, your call center can piggyback off of this publicity and demand by promoting 855 numbers too.

This affiliate advantage can be done simply by adding links to your website as well as by using your product funnel and social media marketing to let people know about this new addition to your services. Or perhaps you just want to pack more value into your current programs by bundling 855 numbers with your regular services for new clients. This not only provides additional revenues, but your clients who are using 855 toll free numbers will also see much better results from their campaigns and be better able to test and hone their marketing campaigns, which will make your company look like a rock star compared to the competition.

Make Money Easy Without Having Your Own Product or Service

In the past, individuals who wanted to make money online pretty much needed to develop their own websites, create or source products for selling, and have a lot of marketing savvy. But with the number of tools, programs, and opportunities available today, it is easy to make money online - without the need for a web designer or a marketing expert.

Before you get started, it is important to differentiate the hypes from the real deal. A lot of marketers out there would take advantage of your idealism without hesitation. In this regard, try to find as much information as you can before you get started. Here are three kinds of online marketing to look at:

  • Affiliate Marketing (Selling Products) – Many kinds of revenue programs for affiliate marketers are out there, but they basically fall into two categories: one-time payment or residual income. One-time payment is usually offered for products while the latter is for services. For example, if you refer individuals to a certain broadband provider, you can get a commission for every month they subscribe. The payment structure may be different; for instance, you may get 20 percent in the first three months and 10 percent in the next three months.
  • Affiliate Marketing (Referring People)– Affiliate marketing is closely associated with promoting products to get a commission for any sales generated. Today, a lot of programs will reward you for referring people to sign-up or join a website. If you promote the site properly to your friends, family, and readers, affiliate marketing referrals are a great way to make money fast.
  • Blogging – Blogging remains the most popular way to make money online because it is easy, flexible, and anyone can do it. Blogs are also free to set-up and you can start making money as soon as you set-up an account with Google Adwords or other similar programs. The key to success is to determine which keywords are relevant and to provide fresh content to readers regularly.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

One of the major differences that quickly distinguishes companies that offer quality affiliate programs and are dedicated to the success of their partners is the affiliate marketing tools they provide.

A company that has taken the time to develop affiliate marketing tools demonstrates its belief in its product or service and also says a lot about how much care and dedication it has committed to its own offering. At a minimum, this offering should include affiliate marketing copy that can be used on websites or in newsletters or other promotional materials. Email copy is also essential for quickly and easily enabling affiliate marketing partners to spread the word about the new addition to their product lines to prospect and customer databases.

Affiliate marketing tools offered by businesses that are linked in to the latest and most effective online marketing channels should also include items like blog posts and Tweets that not only spread the word among your current and past customer base but can help you attract more traffic to your blog and website and generate more new prospects that may not only acquire your affiliate marketing items but your core services or good as well. If a company isn’t providing up-to-date marketing tools, it may be a red flag that what it wants you to promote isn’t up to date either, or it isn't expending the time and resources it should for staying on top of the market. If you are going to expand your revenue streams, you want to be working with the best in the business since the company's products are a direct reflection on your own brand.

Look for a partner that has gone the distance and created banners and image ads as part of its affiliate marketing for you; you should be able instantly to plug into advertising campaigns and begin reeling in revenues right away. Some cutting edge businesses like leading toll free service providers have gone as far as developing sticky widgets and other tools that can add incredible value to your website presence to help you retain web traffic and keep them coming back.

How to Make Money on the Internet

Whether you are a college student, a work-at-home mom, a wannabe entrepreneur, or simply someone who wants some extra cash, you’ll definitely find something to do online. Many ways exist to make money on the Internet. Once we give you the lowdown on what it entails, you’ll be surprised by how easy it can be.


Offer Professional Expertise – Are you an accountant, web programmer, or writer? These jobs are highly in-demand in the online marketplace. All jobs that can be outsourced are already being outsourced. Aside from the expertise stated above, you can also offer graphic design, business consulting, project management, and recruitment services. Some people make money just by taking surveys!


Sell Photos to Stock Photography Websites – There’s no need to be a photographic genius to make money on the Internet. A lot of stock photography websites pay you for submitted photos. Showcase your talent to the public while earning a passive income stream.


Earn Blog Money – Blogs are today’s big thing. Several ways exist to derive revenue from blogging: pro-blogging (blogging for others), direct advertising, or by starting your own blog network (earn through AdSense). Real money is waiting to be made. But this method entails a lot of work during the startup stage.


Affiliate Marketing – Being an affiliate marketer is one of the favorite ways to make money on the Internet. It entails promoting a company’s product or service to get a commission. The compensation you receive is dependent on your agreement with the company (one-time commission or passive revenue). 
Affiliate marketing is definitely a good way to earn a lot of money with limited investment.

Image Credit: © Mihail Lygin | Dreamstime.com

How to Make Money Fast in Only Four Hours a Week

By now, almost everyone knows you can make money on the Internet. But the question for most people is, can I still make money online even if I only have four hours to spare a week? The answer is a resounding YES! If you want to make money fast, you need to understand a few things:

  • Your first venture online won’t necessarily make you rich
  • You may go through a trial-and-error stage
  • After getting a “feel” for the market, you’ll know which venture has the highest likelihood of making money
  • Once you find the right system or formula, you can go on making money fast!

Basically, if you are new to making money online, expect to have a learning curve. That is, the first ventures you get involved in won’t necessarily make enough money. But the majority of people who are earning big money online now went through this phase. Don’t give up! Among the most popular ways to make money fast are freelancing and getting involved in random gigs. “Gigs” mean anything from data entry to answering surveys. Whatever the case, the payout in these initiatives is relatively quick.

On the other hand, people who are looking to make money fast but want something with longer-term potential might find the solution in affiliate marketing. This option is highly beneficial for most because once the business model is set-up, the money will just keep pouring in! Because affiliate marketing requires minimal maintenance, yes, four hours a week will do!

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What is a Shared Number?
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