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Is Your Business and Call Center Ready for #iPhone 5?

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The new iPad 3 has not just been creating a buzz across business blogs, they have also been flying off shelves in their millions. However, senior analysts at Swiss banking giant, UBS, are calling the new iPhone 5 Apple's real "secret weapon". The question is, are your call center staff, marketing strategies and business phone numbers ready for it?

The timing of the expected iPhone 5 launch and expected upgrades as well as the new carriers are anticipated to create the perfect conditions for a massive windfall for Apple as older model owners move up and others finally get their hands on one of these coveted mobile devices.

What does this mean for businesses? Clearly mobile marketing to smartphone users and mobile app development is going to become more important. However, great branding and customer service will also be even more critical to success in order to compete.

Yes, vanity numbers may be one of the most powerful assets businesses can arm themselves with in order to bolster branding, sharing and incoming leads, but how you direct those numbers and how consumers feel about interactions with your call center staff is just as important.

Catchy vanity numbers, enhanced iPad 3 presentations and dazzling mobile video may encourage more inbound calls, but then it is up to you whether you turn them into dollars and referrals or send them packing to your competitors due to poor service.

Perhaps it is time to ensure that you are using all of the best toll free routing and forwarding options and have a plan to ensure business continuity as well as putting yourself in the consumers' shoes to determine whether it is time to make some drastic changes to your call flow too.

If you are the only one with a must have product or service that everyone wants, like the iPhone 5 for example, perhaps customer service isn't so important. Consumers will just have to deal with your endless automated phone system loops and surly call center staff. Though if you do have competitors, then improved customer service could make all the difference in market share, regardless of price.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to reach a live person who can actually help you when you call a business?


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