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3 Easy Ways to Take Control of Your Toll Free Vanity Number

Vanity and Branding, Small Business Communication, Toll Free Vanity Numbers, Small BusinessSmall business owners always look for an edge to stay ahead of the competition, especially larger businesses that can devote more resources towards marketing strategies. However, many small business owners try the wrong strategies when it comes to marketing their products and services. By acquiring vanity numbers, they can boost small business awareness and receive a higher return on their marketing dollars. The benefits of vanity toll free numbers also include enhanced customer and brand recognition of your business and a stronger market presence.

Why You Small Business Needs a Competitive Toll Free Vanity Number

Toll Free Vanity Number; Small BusinessAfter considering the benefits of acquiring a toll free vanity number, you decide to move ahead and make the vanity number an indispensable part of your marketing strategy. However, you may fall into the same trap that snares other small business owners. Although small business owners may take time to decide whether to acquire a toll free vanity number, they spend very little time coming up with a competitive number. After you create your toll free vanity number, you need to answer a simple question: How competitive is it?

What Makes a Toll Free Vanity Number Competitive?

Reach into the Toll Free Bag of Marketing Tricks

Toll Free Vanity Numbers; Small Business; Small Business Brand; MagicAs a small business owner, you almost have to perform magic to grow your operation into a sustainable, thriving enterprise. The most savvy small business owners think way outside the box to come up with innovative growth strategies that you cannot find in college business textbooks. From guerilla marketing to creatively producing "How to…" online videos, you can remain steps ahead of the business competition. Yet one telephone trick can turn your entire business around.

Toll Free Number Magic

3 Surprising Facts About Using Toll Free Numbers in the Digital World

Small Business; Technology; Toll Free Numbers; BrandingIn today’s digital age, who actually punches in digits, dials, and speaks to someone? It almost seems like a thing of the past, right? Today it’s all about initiating a command by touching or swiping a screen, or by voice, or literally the push of a button.

However, while society loves how much technology has made our lives more flexible, convenient, it doesn’t always make things easier. What about the moments when customers need to call a toll free number and speak to a live representative when they have a specific question or concern? Yes, these cases still do happen. Sure, most businesses offer an online help, support, or chat system that allows users to log on and ask their questions or voice their concerns. But it isn’t the same, is it?

Here are three surprising facts about using toll free numbers in our digital world:

The Most Effective, Time-Tested Asset Any Small Business Can Afford

Small Business, Toll Free Vanity Numbers, BrandingSmall business owners face difficult decisions when it comes to deciding which assets to purchase. Factors involved in the decision process include return on investment, budget constraints, and depreciation schedule. You can scrunch your hands until they turn blue, but the most effective time-tested asset any small business can afford sits at the tip of your fingertips.

You do not have to spend thousands to get your small business name out to a wide variety of consumer demographics. In fact, you are better off burning a stack of $100 bills than throwing your small business budget out the window. You can save thousands of dollars by simply acquiring one or more toll free vanity numbers.

Toll Free Connections

Best Business Strategy for Success—Domain Name With Matching Toll Free Number

Web Domain Name, Small Business, Toll Free Vanity NumberFor businesses to gain and maintain a competitive edge in this “comeback” economy, it is no secret that every company needs a website. Whether you are selling from a retail storefront or primarily online, your web presence is an important aspect in establishing your business brand—and that sells! The first step in promoting your brand is to understand what it is and who you target.

Understanding Brand Marketing

Is Your Small Business Trending in the Right Direction for 2014?

Small Business; Toll Free Numbers; Toll Free Benefits; BrandingAs the global economy continues to recover from the most recent recession, these are uncertain times for small business owners. For 2014, the most important changes and trends we can expect to see are related to data, manufacturing, energy, and content marketing. Find out how your small business can get on board and start 2014 off right by following these trends.

You Have to Spend Money to Make Money: 5 Benefits of Promotional Products

Small Business Growth, Toll Free Numbers, Brand Awareness, Promotional ProductsYou have to spend money to make money. It sounds like a solid piece of business advice, but many small business owners prefer to go the tight-fisted route and clench money until their hands turn red and blue. With competition ramped up and an economy on the mend, this might mean letting go and spending a little money to grow your business. So where should you start? Promotional products offer you the best return on your marketing investment.

Top Businesses that are Online and Use a Toll Free Number

Toll Free Numbers, Toll Free Number Benefits, BusinessesToll free numbers are vital marketing tools for companies online, offline, and around the globe. The majority of businesses today are online, but still (smartly so!) use a toll free number. Toll free numbers offer companies a way to be easily reachable, attainable, and serve as a proven and effective method of communication.

What do the following biggest names and brands in business have in common? What is the one tried and true call-to-action that is placed on all of them? Toll free numbers.

Check them out for yourself. Here is a list of the top ten.



·         Best Buy: 888-Best Buy

Put the 4 in 2014 with a New Vanity Number

Small Business Growth, Small Business Success, Toll Free Vanity Number, Vanity NumbersIt’s New Years Eve! What are your small business plans for 2014? Do they include maximizing business opportunities by using a toll free vanity number? If not, they should. 2014 promises small business success, for those businesses that reach for growth and opportunities. Reach for yours with a toll free number.

In fact, countless businesses and services utilize vanity numbers to make it easier for callers to remember their phone number. Still not convinced? Numerous studies concur that vanity numbers are a great addition to a business because they can help increase brand recognition, increase callbacks, and even help aid in material advertising.

Before you get yours, review these four elements.

What is a Shared Number?
What is a Shared Number?
Why Vanities Work Why Vanities Work

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