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Tips for Direct Response Marketing

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Improving Small Business Awareness By Solving Problems

Small Business, Marketing Strategy, Customer Support, Solve Problems, Toll Free NumbersMarketing is a broad term, but its meaning is very simple. Marketing is all about awareness and solutions. Regardless of whether you are marketing tangible goods or professional services, marketing should provide a solution to customer problems.

Here is what you can do to effectively address customer concerns in your marketing strategy.

So what are the problems that you can solve?

This is the question that every small business owner should be able to answer. First things first: If you don’t know your customers’ problems, then how can you build an effective marketing strategy? And secondly, if you don’t know how to address customer problems, then you won’t earn their trust.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Custom Toll Free Explains How a Vanity Toll Free Number Can Help Your Business Grow.

It's more than just a number. Here's an infographic from the good people at Custom Toll Free on what a vanity number can bring to your business prospects. 




And from now until December 7th, you can reserve and pre-order an 844 vanity from Custom Toll Free. Want to know how? Click here.

Top Five Reasons Your Business Needs a Vanity Number Toll Free

A common question businesses ask about vanity numbers toll free is what do they do for your business? The advantages are endless. In fact, this answer could actually contrive the pages and depth of an entire nonfiction novel, all things considered. We will spare you the hours of research, however, and just summarize the top five advantages to having your own number that allows customers to easily reach you without incurring any charges.


One: Brand Yourself

Branding has never been more important than it is today. Which legal firm do you think has a better brand: the one that uses 1800-LAWYERS or the one that uses 1800-RANDOM NUMBERS? Which number is more easily recalled? Obviously, the first vanity number is far easier to recall, and also serves as brand for that hypothetical law firm.


Two: Customer Convenience

Tips on Finding a Vanity Toll Free Number 800 That Works for You

Finding the toll free number 800 that works for your business is not the easiest task when considering a vanity number. Many business owners struggle during the brainstorming process when trying to think of ideas that will both work and that are available for usage. This helpful guide can get you off in the right direction when trying to find the right vanity number for your entity.


Play Around with Seven Character Ideas

The best thing to do is just start thinking about your number. Keep in mind that a vanity number worthwhile will take a great deal of thought. Play around with seven character words and word sequences that relate to your business. Try and think of at least ten different sequences that would work to get the best results. As you think about new numbers that could be the vanity solution for your business, cross reference them. Expand your search by using wildcard prefixes to find all available numbers rather than limiting yourself to one prefix.

Are You Missing the Call-to-Action? Some Tips for your Social Media and Vanity Toll Free Number Branding

800 toll free number, social media branding, Vanity 800 Number, vanity numbersWhat does the perfect marketing campaign consist of? Maybe it’s actively using Facebook or Twitter, or Pinterest’ed people in your product, or even what we love most: a vanity toll free number spelling out exactly what they need and what you do best. While it may not be everything to get the calls you want from customers, sometimes lost in the shuffle of catchy slogans and charming spokespersons is the simple gesture: the call to action.

Imagine for a moment a world without customer service. This could be as costly as introducing yourself without a handshake. But it goes beyond green and red buttons and the “Call Now” taglines at the end of your advertising. Review your social media accounts and posts to make sure you’re getting your message right. Here are a few pointers:

The Advantage of A/B Testing for Direct Response Marketing and your Vanity Toll Free Number

direct response marketing, vanity numbers, 800 toll free numbers, vanity toll free numbersA/B testing exists in almost every facet of everyday life. Maybe you wear a different hat, scarf or blouse to see if a blind date goes differently. Maybe Pepsi wants to see if they can sell more cans rocking their 1970’s-1990’s look. Maybe a certain baseball or basketball team wants to see if they can win more wearing their throwback uniforms from decades past.

The Teledotcom Advantage

First there was the toll free number bubble. Instead of waiting on a customer service line or writing a letter to a business you had a concern or inquiry with—whichever would take the shortest amount of time—you could take a number on a business card and dial up the company at your own convenience as well as theirs. Businesses became more accessible, and with the deregulation of the 800 number, toll free service providers began to blossom and assist.


Which Marketing Pieces Should You Feature Your Vanity Number?

So you've just acquired a new vanity number. Congratulations! However, which of your marketing pieces are you going to feature your number on? The answer is definitely all of them! You should have at least one main constant toll free number that is displayed on all of your communications. Consistency is key.

What is a Shared Number?
What is a Shared Number?
Why Vanities Work Why Vanities Work

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