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Toll Free Numbers Ensure Business Continuity

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Business continuity is a factor many small, medium, and even large businesses often greatly overlook to their detriment. Many entrepreneurs and managers are so wrapped up in just getting a product or venture off the ground in hopes they can make it through the first crucial years that they give little thought to protecting all their revenue and hard work. Sure some have business insurance, but when was the last time you had an insurance policy that really made up for your losses? A business is not like a car or a home. You may be able to replace your office, but what about all the downtime during an emergency? Any period of time when a company is out of action, especially its phone lines, it means not only wasted advertising dollars, but lost revenues, and even worse, the loss of hard earned market share. Fortunately, toll free numbers can ensure you business continuity in almost any man-made or natural disaster situation.

Besides the many other benefits of using toll free numbers for your business, toll free and vanity numbers can be easily rerouted when an emergency arises. Many people have learned this benefit the hard way in recent years in situations ranging from terrorist attacks to hurricanes. Should you have to evacuate your office premises or should your headquarters become damaged, you can continue operations seamlessly by forwarding your toll free numbers and toll free services to any other location or locations needed. This situation could mean rerouting calls to another branch location, using ring to features to send calls to sales staff working from home, or even temporarily outsourcing by forwarding your toll free numbers to a third party call center.

Ensuring business continuity for your company through your 1-800 numbers not only can mean saving you from facing bankruptcy, but it also enables you to jump in and swoop up huge chunks of your industry's market share from competitors who were not prepared or did not see the wisdom in investing in a toll free phone number. Even better, this situation could create the perfect opportunity for you to grab your competitors' best employees since they can't afford to be without work. If you are still able to operate using your toll free numbers, your competitors' top employees could easily be banging down your door, willing to work for you at seriously discounted salaries from what it would take to hire them otherwise.

Even if you think your business is disaster proof and you are located in the safest setting in the world, toll free numbers mean ensured business continuity. The unexpected can happen at any time, and having a plan in place to relocate offices easily through rerouting toll free numbers, or just quickly moving into new booming markets ahead of the competition, without any lengthy periods of downtime associated with moves, will provide the business continuity you love to have. Remember, "Failing to plan = planning to fail!"

Credit Line: © Davidwatmough | Dreamstime.com


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