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The Custom Toll Free Team

Customer Testimonials

1-800-Contacts"When we needed new intellectual property and couldn't get any traction internally we called Custom Toll Free® for results. Eventually we stopped trying internally and just started giving all of our projects to Custom Toll Free. Their turnaround times were faster, performance was solid, and they saved us money by negotiating on our behalf."

Jonathan Coon, President

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Best Buy"Best Buy had acquired a small company on the east coast called Magnolia, and we were in the final stages for planning a nationwide rollout of the brand with our Best Buy stores and needed to solidify our multi-channel marketing approach. One of the options was to use a branded toll free number, but all prefixes for 1-XXX-Magnolia were already taken. We decided that it was critical we obtained one of those properties so we turned to Custom Toll Free for a solution. With a week, Christy from Custom Toll Free had located ... 1-888-Magnolia. Within the next week, the number was transferred into our possession and we launched the number within our integrated marketing campaign. We wouldn't hesitate to use them again!"

Scott McIntyre,
Director Multi-Channel Development
at Best Buy Co. Inc.

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AirFreight.com, Custom Toll Free Testimonial"I must tell you that each and every person I  have had the pleasure of doing business with at Custom Toll-Free is always very professional and I always get everything that I was told and even more... When I first ordered the service I could not believe the “Quality” of phone numbers that this company has... So many people asked how I got such a great phone number and if I have been in business for fifty plus years to get a number like that.
I am currently expanding my business into new cities across the country and will definitely continue to use Custom Toll Free as my Sole telecommunications provider..."
Dan Boaz, President - AirFreight.com

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Broadcast Response"We use Custom Toll Free to help our clients achieve maximum response and higher ROI from their advertising efforts. Custom Toll Free gives our clients the freedom to choose quality numeric numbers for their direct response campaigns or can assist them in finding that one perfect number to brand their company or product. From simple to complex, Custom Toll Free has been there to get results for our clients."

Carrie Sherwood, CEO
Broadcast Response

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Dish Retailer"DISH Network has [an 888 number] which is a number for new customers to sign up with service. Since I'm a DISH Network retailer, the customers who where mis-dialing this phone number [dialing the 800 version] where valuable to me since I could sign them up a new account and make a commission for closing the sale. I was getting about 10-15 calls per day and it usually would result in about a sale per day. At 20-30 sales per month, this number was worth what I was being charged."

Claude A. Greiner
Metro25 Of Detroit Inc.

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BizXchange"I called Custom Toll Free because I thought I could impress my associates by having the name of my business in our toll free number. I had no idea how much money I was losing each year by using a regular old toll free number. Custom Toll Free helped me choose the best number for my business and even helped get a matching domain name. Now I impress my associates with my revenue increase and my new vanity number."

Bob Bagga, CEO

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Home Portfolio"My business dealings with Christy Brugger were very professional and her response to my emails and voice messages were timely and courteous. It was my pleasure to work with Custom Toll Free and look forward to more business dealings in the future."

Kerry Hoffmans, Business Development Manager

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"We were astonished with the success of our first toll free vanity number we secured through Custom Toll Free. Our call volume is up 75% and our close rate has increased 45% in three months. Thanks, Custom Toll Free!"

Brian Bishof, CEO
Bishof Systems

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Beverly Hills Attorneys"Thanks to Custom Toll Free we received a great phone number which will undoubtedly boost the number of our clientele. We also received excellent customer service representation from the marketing managers. They addressed each of our needs and were very patient and supportive. Every new business should contact Custom Toll Free in order to utilize their services. We really appreciated their assistance and hope that we will have the opportunity to work with them in the future."

Sean Banafsheh, Attorney
Banafsheh, Danesh & Javid

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