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Prepaid iPhones & iOS 6 Launch Save Facebook?

Will more Facebook integrated iPhones in the hands of consumers be the turn around the social network needs and enable more efficient marketing on the platform?

Virgin Mobile has announced the roll out of a prepaid, no-contract iPhone line up later this month, following on the lead by Leap Wireless. While the initial outlay may be too much for some at $400 to $649 for the phone, significant overall savings and another alternative for AT&T haters could seriously boost market penetration.

Verizon ‘Share Everything’ Data Plans the Best Idea for Mobile Marketing?

Verizon Wireless announces new Share Everything plan for mobile customers but is this the best move for mobile marketing?

Verizon dumped its unlimited data plans last year and has been throttling the usage of those who have remained grandfathered in. Vice President of the phone company Tami Erwin says, Share Everything Plans are the new standard for wireless service but is that a good thing?

Marketing and #Technology: #Facebook on the Downfall as G+ Takes the Lead

Facebook stock took another huge dive yesterday but even if it doesn't hit zero anytime soon, there may not be many advertisers or users left.

After a week of the blogosphere berating the social network and pointing out surveys showing few users ever pay attention to ads on the site, as well as a major decline in usage and logins, Facebook has more than a couple of black-eyes.

#Windows8 #Technology Fuels Better Marketing for Small Business

Microsoft announced the release of the Windows 8 preview last Thursday, giving businesses a chance to get a head start on strategy for reaching users with the new OS when the full release hits later this year.

Custom Toll Free Photo Contest to Win a #Kindle Fire!

What’s going on these days with Custom Toll Free? Check out their Photo Contest going on now.

How are you using your vanity number in advertising? Send in a current photo of how you are using your vanity number in your advertising today and you could win a Kindle Fire! It’s easy to do.

Here are the steps:

Marketing Strategy: Facebook’s Latest Acquisition

Facebook's share price dove almost 10% again yesterday for over $35 billion in lost value since the IPO. An announcement of a new acquisition could make things even worse. What does this mean for business owners debating marketing on Facebook?

#Social Media Networks #Facebook & #Google Extinct by 2020?

Are Google and Facebook destined for a MySpace fate within the next 3 to 7 years?

Besides Facebook's miserable IPO performance and a line of potential lawsuits, some voices in the blogosphere are already questioning whether the social media giant and its nemesis Google will still be around and be relevant in just a few years from now.

Small Business Lessons from a Facebook IPO Flop

Facebook's IPO dismally failed to keep up with most estimates of closing day share prices but Zuckerberg still ranks among the country's richest. So what powerful lessons are to be picked up from the fiasco by small business owners and entrepreneurs?

Mark Zuckerberg has already lost more than $2 billion since Facebook went public. Luckily he can clearly afford it after an almost $20 billion windfall last week. However it is clear that there are powerful lessons to be learned here, both for those rushing towards their own giant IPOs and new startups.

#Technology: Windfall Profits for Zuckerberg’s #Facebook IPO or Not?

Where is Facebook's stock going to top out at today?

Not ready to put your money on the line yet? That's OK, join the fun with a harmless prediction via Tweet and have your vote counted on the site thrown up overnight on Tuesday by James Proud.

The current average stands at a forecast of $54 a share or a total value for Facebook of $135,718,802,154.

However, if you're feeling lucky there are a few sites that offer the ability to acquire a single share. Consider it a souvenir or make it a gift.

Facebook Tells Brands They Aren’t Pitching Hard Enough!

In an effort to spur more marketing and more usage of the social network for business, Facebook has followed the recent lead of search giants, Google and Bing, in sharing with brand owners what they need to do to increase advertising effectiveness.

After a month of comparing the results of various brands on Facebook, the social platform has determined businesses aren't pitching themselves hard enough, contrary to what many "gurus" have been saying.

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