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Startup Success: Should You Move Into an Incubator?

Serial entrepreneurs may not think they need the structure of an incubator space to propel their business ideas forward, but newbie college dropout or veteran business owner there are many advantages to incubators. As a new entrepreneur is it smart to move your fledgling startup into an incubator to spur success?

Yes, you bootstrap your new business from home in your pajamas without having to deal with all the geek wiz kids and novices but you will definitely miss out on the many benefits one of these programs can offer.

#Technology Strategy: #Microsoft Surface

Microsoft may not be the trendiest name on the block any more but whether you are rushing to get your hands on the new Surface tablet or not, the brainchild of Bill Gates still certainly has a lot to teach entrepreneurs and tech businesses about strategy.

Hot #Marketing Trends: Email #Technology

Two new and important email marketing opportunities have risen in the last 48 hours and you can't afford to overlook them!

#Technology: #Olympics Offers Chance to Grab 25% of Competitors Market Share in 1 Day!

Netflix claims the London Olympics is the reason for their massive 25% drop in streaming since the games started. Does this just signal a new permanent trend and how can businesses avoid punches like these in the future?

New iPhone 5 Launch Set but Time to Revisit Your Social Strategy

As Custom Toll Free predicted last week new leaks report an official iPhone 5 launch announcement in the next few weeks, though marketers may be wise to tweak their strategies in order to stay on top through 2013…

Fox News reported yesterday that an official iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPod nano and final version of iOS 6 announcement is expected on September 12th, with an actual launch on September 21st.

#Technology: How to Ensure the Success of New Products & Services

If even the largest tech giants can fail horribly with the launch of their products and services how can smaller players ensure the success of theirs?

According to one tech blog this week, four of the biggest technology failures of all time include:


  1. Windows Me
  2. Apple's G4 Cube
  3. Motorola Xoom
  4. Facebook Deals


Is Your Company Cashing in on Green #Technology & #Clean Energy?

You don't have to be a "tree hugger" to recognize that being green is rapidly becoming an important, distinguishing factor in businesses. This will determine which are going to stay on top and those which are going to flop. So is your organization doing enough to stay in the lead and keep the green flowing?

Just look at Apple. Despite being the tech giant, local California governments recently announced it will no longer be acquiring Apple products because they do not meet EPEAT requirements. That's a huge hit no matter how large your revenues and certainly does nothing for brand image.

Skype Internet Phone Service to be Disabled?

Could the world's favorite Internet phone service Skype become disconnected and what does that mean for the thousands of small businesses and entrepreneurs who rely on it every day?

A PC Mag columnist raised the alarm this week, speculating that Skype could be the next victim of Microsoft's strategy of buying and leaving companies for dead, following the firm's $6.3 billion squandered on aQuantitive.

Amazon Hijacks #iPhone #Technology

Amazon is rumored to be planning its own iPhone rival potentially boosting Android market share much to the delight of Google addicted entrepreneurs.

Following on from the huge success of the Kindle Fire sources are leaking a variety of details about a potential iPhone rival from the world's number one online bookstore, including working with iPhone maker Foxconn.

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Google #Technology Now Makes #Apple iPhone Better

It seems Facebook isn't the only one Apple has been collaborating with…

Google's Chrome browser is now on the iPhone bringing new functionality which is going to push market saturation of Apple's revolutionary device even further and enable Google to develop deeper loyalty with entrepreneurs.

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