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Hot Apps and Tactics for Competitive Research and Enhancing Lead Generation

Apps, Reverse Lookup, Lead GenerationDo you ever find yourself wasting hours on monitoring the competition or pulling your hair out over how to boost lead generation and maximize marketing ROI? There's an app for that…


In fact, there are four handy apps and tactics businesses should be using to streamline market research, keep an eye on their competitors, and boost their revenues.


1. Perch

Obama Wins: A Powerful #Technology Lesson for Entrepreneurs

Technology, Social Media, Marketing StrategyRepublican or Democrat, business owners must recognize Obama's victory was a win for technology and delivers a poignant lesson in harnessing the latest tools and tactics.

Has #Apple #Technology Lost its Edge?

Apple Technology, MarketingDespite all the buzz about the iPhone 5 and new iPad mini, Apple stock has lost almost $100 in value in the last month. So has the tech giant lost its touch and if so what does that mean for investors and marketers?

How to Really Use #Smartphone #Technology for Enhanced Productivity

Smartphone, iPhone5, Technology, Toll FreeReady to break your addictions to bad Smartphone habits and actually start getting more done and enjoying more freedom? Whether you are rocking the new iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy or LG, your Smartphone can quickly become one of your biggest enemies of productivity rather than a highly effective digital assistant.

Election 2012: Google for President?

Google, 2012 ElectionIs Google fixing the 2012 presidential election race, which candidate is better at SEO and should Google founders run for office? Is it purely coincidence that talk of cracking down on Google for fixing search results has oddly gone away in the run up to the 2012 election? Have you wondered why and why the search giant has gotten away with so much recently?

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#Google Teflon #Technology Can’t be Stopped

Google, Publishing, TechnologyNothing seems to be able to slow Google down, not even the gargantuan publishing industry. While it seems Facebook can't do anything right, Google doesn't seem to be able to do anything wrong, compounding its success, market share, and revenue forecasts.

Offshore Workers Become Scarce Due to New Cybercrime Law

offshore services, custom toll free, vanity toll free numbersA new law takes effect today effectively outlawing the use of most offshore workers in the Philippines; will it take down your business or give you the edge?

A Startup's Guide to #SocialMedia

Social Media, Technology, Startups, EntrepreneursStartups are embracing social media in a big way but how can entrepreneurs make sure their efforts are effective?

Here are seven tips for better social media for startups:

Maximizing Marketing ROI for Mobile Apps

Vanity Numbers, Maximizing Marketing ROI, Mobile AppsPlanning a mobile app? How can you make sure it's a hit with the right crowd, sees masses of downloads, and generates real results?

While it's pretty easy to create mobile apps on multiple platforms today entrepreneurs do need to make sure they are focusing on the right operating system for getting their app in the hands of their ideal prospects. So who uses which devices?

#AppleMaps #Technology Fail: A Big Warning for Business Owners

Apple, Google, TechnologyApple's Maps app has failed of epic proportions, stirring up angry protests across the web and even resulting in politicians publicly calling for fixes.

It isn't even that the app is ugly or missing important buildings or even cities, some are calling transport errors, including subway station and airport locations, downright dangerous and life threatening.

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