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How Zappos Revolutionized the Shoe Industry Through Social Media Strategies

Through the eyes of founders Nick Swinmurn, Tony Hsieh, and Alfred Lin--collective founders of Zappos.com—to become a successful online shoe company took a redefining of a culture, one step at a time. While rummaging the rows of a local mall shopping for a pair of Airwalks back in 1999, Swinmurn pitched the new concept of an online shoe store to his future partners. At the time, footwear in the U.S. was a $40 billion per year market with a 5% market share sold through direct-mail catalogs. The business opportunity certainly was there.


Six 2013 Game Changing Trends

Technology, Toll Free NumbersWhat new game changing trends are emerging to transform the world we live in and how we shop and market products in 2013 and beyond?

1. Low Cost iPhone

A new low cost iPhone is reportedly in the works and could launch sometime this year according to the Wall Street Journal and TechCrunch. This could be exactly what Apple needs to salvage its market share and stay in the game. Unfortunately, it could end up rolling out in China and India before we see it on shelves in the U.S.

The New #iPhone5S to Rely on Google #Technology?

Apple, iPhone 5S, TechnologyBesides the big map app debacle, will Apple's future success rely on borrowing more Google technology and which mobile phone company might completely change the game in the next year?

The New Fiscal Crisis Bill’s Impact on Small Business

Fiscal Crisis, Small Business, TaxesPoliticians seem to have been able to strike a last minute deal to avert the fiscal cliff. So what does the new fiscal crisis bill mean for small businesses, America's position in the global economy, and business owners?

While the new deal which breaks the stalemate over the fiscal crisis may help some dodge some new taxes, the bill which reportedly includes over $600 billion in tax hikes and few spending cuts doesn't sound that different than simply falling off the cliff.

Tech & Retail Wars in 2013

Facebook, Apple, MarketingThe battle for retail dollars is set to be fiercer than ever in 2013. Will your tech keep you on top of the game or see you become a victim in the next twelve months?

Reports put the 2012 holiday sales season as the worst on record since 2008, despite deep discounts and offers beginning even before Black Friday. If this trend continues into the New Year, then only the strong will survive.

#Technology: #Facebook Starts Charging Marketers to Send Messages

Technology, FacebookYesterday Facebook began testing a new fee for sending messages to anyone outside of a user's immediate network of friends.


More than just turning more brands off of using the social platform as a marketing tool, this signals a major shift needed to keep today's startup culture alive and a new marketing strategy for those who have been investing in social media marketing.


Tech Strategy: Zillow vs. Instagram

Technology, Instagram, Affiliate MarketingWill Instagram be the latest Facebook victim, and what does the photo sharing app's latest moves mean for your tech strategy?


There is a huge difference between brands which offer value and those which simply take from their customers. The latter of course dooming many previously popular platforms and firms to a painful fall.


#Technology Trends: Google Maps, Obama Builds Death Star, and #MeteorShower

Business Phone Numbers, Technology, Meteor ShowerGoogle Maps iPhone app launches as Obama petitioned to create a Death Star to create jobs…


The last few weeks of the year are shaping up to be extremely busy as technology trends hustle to concrete themselves as dominating forces in 2013.


#Technology: #Apple Forges New Employment Trend

Apple, Technology, EntrepreneursA recent announcement by Apple adds momentum to en emerging trend, forcing the tech community to react…


At an interview with Apple's Tim Cook, the tech giant revealed it plans to bring more manufacturing onshore. Some of the company's product line is already either being assembled in the U.S. or having some parts made here before being shipped overseas to be assembled. Cook unveiled plans to invest over $100 million to bring more operations back onshore.


#Technology Breakthrough Puts Power of the Cosmos in Marketers’ Hands

Technology, Toll Free Numbers, Marketing StrategiesNew network science research plots a path to major brain and tech developments by linking our minds, the universe and the Internet.


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