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Trending #Technology: 5 Gadgets Not to Be Seen With in 2013

Technology, GadgetsTechnology trends are changing far faster than even many geeks can keep up with. Here are five devices you won't want to be seen holding by the end of the year and one tech trend you can't live without…

1. Rugged Laptops

The rugged laptop has quickly gone the way of the stainless brief case. Evolve a little and look out for rugged tablets instead.

2. Microsoft Surface

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Get Unreasonable, Get Toll Free, and Accelerate Your Startup

EntrepreneursWhether you are still lagging on fulfilling your New Year's resolution to kick-start that new business, struggling to get that new product ready to ship, or just eager to breed more creativity and momentum in your organization to stay in the lead, there's one relatively easy solution…

#Technology: Critical Insights from the New Siri


Technology, Siri, Apple, Assistant'What can I help you with?'

'Siri, when did you become such a jerk?'

'About two seconds ago when I downloaded all of those compromising texts and photos to your spouse's phone and posted them on Facebook.'

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Facebook Gets into Search Marketing, Kind of…

Facebook, Search Marketing, Social Media, Social Media MarketingIs this the end of Google's reign or the end of social media marketing? Yesterday Facebook rolled out the much hyped product launch of a new search engine. So why all the noise and why are so many media outlets completely ignoring the story?

Get Smart #Technology from CES

Smart TechnologySmartwatches are some of the most popular tech gadgets at this year's CES in Vegas but this could be the last year the U.S. enjoys getting some of the hottest new devices first.

Kickstarter.com's success story, "The Pebble E-Paper Watch", was one of the most talked about and highly anticipated smart watches at CES, after raising over $10 million on the crowd-funding platform.

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How Zappos Revolutionized the Shoe Industry Through Social Media Strategies

Through the eyes of founders Nick Swinmurn, Tony Hsieh, and Alfred Lin--collective founders of Zappos.com—to become a successful online shoe company took a redefining of a culture, one step at a time. While rummaging the rows of a local mall shopping for a pair of Airwalks back in 1999, Swinmurn pitched the new concept of an online shoe store to his future partners. At the time, footwear in the U.S. was a $40 billion per year market with a 5% market share sold through direct-mail catalogs. The business opportunity certainly was there.


Six 2013 Game Changing Trends

Technology, Toll Free NumbersWhat new game changing trends are emerging to transform the world we live in and how we shop and market products in 2013 and beyond?

1. Low Cost iPhone

A new low cost iPhone is reportedly in the works and could launch sometime this year according to the Wall Street Journal and TechCrunch. This could be exactly what Apple needs to salvage its market share and stay in the game. Unfortunately, it could end up rolling out in China and India before we see it on shelves in the U.S.

The New #iPhone5S to Rely on Google #Technology?

Apple, iPhone 5S, TechnologyBesides the big map app debacle, will Apple's future success rely on borrowing more Google technology and which mobile phone company might completely change the game in the next year?

The New Fiscal Crisis Bill’s Impact on Small Business

Fiscal Crisis, Small Business, TaxesPoliticians seem to have been able to strike a last minute deal to avert the fiscal cliff. So what does the new fiscal crisis bill mean for small businesses, America's position in the global economy, and business owners?

While the new deal which breaks the stalemate over the fiscal crisis may help some dodge some new taxes, the bill which reportedly includes over $600 billion in tax hikes and few spending cuts doesn't sound that different than simply falling off the cliff.

Tech & Retail Wars in 2013

Facebook, Apple, MarketingThe battle for retail dollars is set to be fiercer than ever in 2013. Will your tech keep you on top of the game or see you become a victim in the next twelve months?

Reports put the 2012 holiday sales season as the worst on record since 2008, despite deep discounts and offers beginning even before Black Friday. If this trend continues into the New Year, then only the strong will survive.

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