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What a Mother Can Teach Us About Being an Entrepreneur

Business; Entrepreneur; Female Entrepreneur; Mothers' DayToday female entrepreneurs are running global Internet market campaigns, working as CEOs of organizations and firms in various industries, pushing their own startups, and mastering it all. But when we look at female entrepreneurs, we often forget that many of them also have one of the most important and difficult jobs in the world: being a mom.

Female entrepreneurs that also balance being a mom know that it is no picnic. Depending on the ages, or number of children a mother has, or whether she’s single, married, or in a relationship, it may seem nearly impossible to schedule meetings, conference calls, and appointments around feeding schedules, soccer or dance practice, doctor’s appointments, homework, and bed time. How does she do it all?

5 Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Use

Small Business, Entrepreneur, Communication, Tools, Toll Free Vanity NumberEntrepreneurs possess a unique skill set for implementing their small business visions. They typically possess high energy and out of the box thinking that separates their small businesses from the competition. Entrepreneurs exude leadership skills that include accountability and mentoring. Entrepreneurs can have everything it takes to operate a small business and make it successful. However, here are five tools every entrepreneur should use to make sure they stead ahead of the competition.


How Much of a Small Business Hero Are You?

Small Business; EntepreneurDid you know that small business owners generate nearly two-thirds of all new jobs in America, as well as contribute over 70 percent to the country's gross domestic product (GDP)? Entrepreneurs and small business owners provide the impetus for American economic growth, but you rarely hear the term "Hero" applied to the small business community. A closer look at American small businesses reveals several common traits that define small business heroes. Do you have any of these traits, and do you actually know how to be the small business hero?


3 Small Business Group Benefits that Will Change Your Life

Small Business; Communication; Toll Free Benefits; Toll Free Vanity NumbersMany small business owners are stretched so thin that they barely have enough time to say "Good morning," to the kids, before they shove off for school. With such a hectic schedule, how can anyone expect a panicked small business owner to find time to join a like-minded group of small business owners in order to boost networking?

While it’s a continuous struggle to find enough time to fit in that ONE more item, even if it’s only one, small business networking should be it. The benefits far outweigh the time constraints.

What’s in it for me?

Small business groups provide small business owners with several advantages. The first advantage takes a page from the time-tested axiom of “power in numbers.”


Small Business Lessons Learned from Legos

Small Business; Business Growth; EntrepreneurWhat do Legos have to do with small business? Legos may appear to be a peculiar choice for establishing the small business mindset required for success. No, they can’t teach us tutorials in finance, marketing, and information systems, but they help form the foundation needed for small business success. After all, you can have all of the business acumen in the world, but if you do not possess the type of entrepreneurial spirit that defines small business success, then you can you can expect to fall short of your small business expectations.

The following list demonstrates that what it takes to make it in Lego also plays a role in defining small business success.


Small Business Winter Victims: Where Are They Now?

Small Business, Business GrowthSeveral months ago we posted an article on how small businesses really suffered from this year’s harsh winter. Plunging frigid temperatures, snow, ice, and the works have forced small businesses to cut costs, close down shops for a couple days, and have even prevented customers from going out and spending money. Now that most areas are finally beginning to see signs of spring, are small businesses finally on the mend?

As we now stop and look around and finally see plants sprouting and the grass turning green, it’s amazing to think that not two months ago we thought this season’s winter would never end. But did small businesses suffer as badly as we originally thought?

The 5 Worst Things that Can Happen to a Small Business

Small BusinessSmall business owners need to exude the "Glass is half full" optimism that motivates employees and attracts new customers to their small businesses. While it is great to have a positive attitude, the fact is reality lurks behind every small business counter and under every small business desk. The reality is things can go wrong with your small business.

Here are the five worst things that can happen to a small business so you can do whatever it takes to avoid them.

No Vision

8 Catastrophic Content Marketing Mistakes

Content Marketing, Small Business, Entrepreneur; Toll Free Vanity NumbersContent marketing involves the creation of fresh, relevant content that utilizes the keywords potential customers use to find your small business online. This is the good news. The bad news, however, is that many small business owners commit one or more of the following eight deadly sins that sink their content marketing strategies before their content can truly come alive.

Content Does Not Equal Selling

Never use your content marketing platform to pitch products and services. Your customers visit your small business website to learn how to solve problems and gain insight into how to accomplish specific tasks. Tone down the sales voice; it’s not as effective anymore. You primary goal is to build trust, not alienate website visitors by publishing blatant sales pitches.

The Guest Blogger No One Likes

A New Use for Toll Free Numbers You Probably Didn’t Know…

Toll Free Vanity Numbers; Small Business; Social Media Marketing; TumblrDid you know that you can now use toll free numbers to leave audio notes on your Tumblr blog? For entrepreneurs and small business owners, think of the possibilities! This is a new, innovative, and creative way entrepreneurs and small businesses can connect with customers and target audiences while on-the-go.

Business Planning Tactics that Will Blow Your Mind

Small Business; Business Planning; Business Growth; Entrepreneur; Toll Free Vanity NumbersEntrepreneurs are tasked with a HUGE responsibility and challenge: running a small business. There are a ton of things to consider, worry about, and think about…and as a result, they never have any time. For those new entrepreneurs who are attempting to launch a startup, you’re probably the most overwhelmed. Where do you start? What does your marketing strategy look like? How are you going to pay the bills? And how do you effectively reach your target market and get your brand on the map? Start with a solid business plan.

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