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Vanity and Branding

4 Ways a Vanity Number Will Optimize Your Business

Vanity Number, Optimize, Small Business, Toll Free BenefitsThroughout history, small businesses have been trying to find the most effective methods to communicate with their customers. However, even just a decade ago, technology was quite primitive compared to what is available today. Back in the day, word-of-mouth was the most effective and trustworthy form of communication.

Today, everything is different, thanks primarily to the advancement of communication technology. The positive side of technology is that today small businesses can communicate, and get their brands in front of customers easier than ever before.

6 Ways to Get Your Brand in Your Customer’s Face…Now

Vanity and Branding, Toll Free Numbers, Small BusinessGetting face time with your customers is extremely important as your small business competes among a raft of modern-day marketing tactics that infiltrate the globe daily.

With 2015 trends centering on authenticity, transparency, user experiences, personalized services, social reach, and emotional appeal, it’s time to take your small business into the future with branding techniques you can put to work on the fly.

How To Do It

The trends are usually spot-on, and there are a number of branding approaches that require minimal time and a small investment. What most entrepreneurs and small business owners don’t realize is that they can manage their own brand marketing rather than hiring a marketing firm.

6 Extreme Ways a Toll Free Number Can Help You Accomplish Your Goals

When you are in the thick of cultivating your small business, boosting sales, and reaching for growth, all while striving for that work-life balance, accomplishing your personal and professional goals is the most important task toward your success.

Believe it or not, the benefits in today’s digital marketing strategy are more extreme than ever before…and toll free numbers are a huge part of that. Toll free calling is surfacing as an exceptional method for streamlining your processes for business growth, attracting your customers, and getting back some of the valuable time you require for everyday living. Additionally, consumers love the personalized service and support they get when calling a toll free number.

Consider these 6 extreme ways a toll free number can help you accomplish your goals.

How to Stay Focused on the Business Development Game

Business Development, Small Business, Toll Free Numbers, Business Planning 2015Every good leader understands the role of business development in order to drive top-level growth. It is an economy that demands attention to a number of sales trends that will take companies into another successful year.

When it comes to bigger business for expanding companies, leaders should be repeatedly refreshing their business development strategies to coincide with the market, and to stay focused on the business development game.

And what better time of year than now? The first quarter of 2015 is nearly over and spring has sprung. So why not take the time now to place your business in a competitive seat?

Get focused and get your head in the business development game by following these easy strategies.

5 Easy Ways to Take Control of Your Business

Small Business, Marketing, Toll Free NumbersAs a business owner, you are responsible for all facets of your business. Unfortunately, running a business doesn't necessarily mean you're in control, as many aspects might be difficult to manage.

However, before you lose all hope, here are five easy ways a toll free number can help you take control of your small business.

1.      Understand customer concerns. Many times when a customer is contacting a business’ toll free number, it is because they have a particular question or concern. Having a toll free number and listening to customer problems and concerns can help you address problems with your product and/or service and how to improve for both existing and future customers. Understanding possible road blocks will help you to address them ahead of the curve.

4 Creative Ways to Use Instagram with Your Toll Free Number

Small Business, Toll Free Numbers, Instagram, Small Business Marketing, Online Marketing, Think BigLeveraging your vanity numbers to social media channels, can also include Instagram, the premiere social media photo sharing social media app. While a wildly popular social media platform for individuals, the site remains outside the marketing radar of many small business owners.

Here are four quick and easy ways that small business owners can use Instagram to promote toll free numbers.

1. Create a Portfolio of your Products

For small businesses, Instagram provides the perfect platform for demonstrating how a product looks.

The sudden surge in the popularity of Instagram means your business should be implementing creative ways to leverage the photo sharing social media platform with your toll free number. You need to be creative—maybe even a bit crazy—to really maximize the benefits of using Instagram.

Love is in the Air: The Top 5 Valentines Businesses

Vanity Numbers, 800 Numbers, Toll Free Numbers, Toll Free Benefits, Vanity and Branding, Toll Free BenefitsThe holidays are over, and the month of January is over. After the first of February peeks its head round the corner, businesses begin gearing up for Valentine’s Day to cure the winter blues.

While a great deal of retailers see an increase in business and sales around Valentine’s Day, these top five retailers are making top revenue, not only because of their strong reputation, but because of their top-notch toll free number. A good vanity number can increase response rates by 12% and up to 42% or higher.

3 Extreme Ways Adding a Toll Free Number to Your Blog Builds Your Brand

Small Business, Toll Free Number, Vanity Numbers, Branding, Vanity and BrandingThere is no doubt about it: You have worked hard to get your small business where it is at today and want nothing more than to continue expanding your business and your target reach.

As a small business owner, you not only recognize the importance of branding, but also the importance of blogging for business. But the world of content marketing doesn’t just stop there. Here are some benefits behind adding a blog to your business.

How to Brand Jack with a Toll Free Number

Vanity and Branding, Brand Jack, Toll Free Number, Small Business, Branding, Vanty NumberContent marketing and management is all about branding in 2015. Many businesses are still trying to get the knack of content marketing and really trying to nail down a robust strategy.

But what if we told you there is a way to effectively set your branding strategy in stone this year? Here’s how you can brand jack with a toll free number.

What Does a Toll Free Number Have to Do with Branding?

Give Your Toll Free Number a Competitive Edge the Easy Way

Toll Free Numbers, Vanity Numbers, Toll Free Benefits, Branding, Easy Business, CompetitionBusinesses who acquire toll free numbers understand the benefits of using the numbers to attract new customers and retain the loyalty of lifelong patrons. Catchy vanity numbers establish the level of credibility that allows you to build trust with customers.

Memorable toll free numbers enhance word-of-mouth advertising as well as your business brand. In fact, word-of-mouth referrals increase by 200% with a vanity number.

However, the greatest benefit of acquiring toll free number comes down to a few important pieces of marketing data.

The Marketing Success of Toll Free Numbers

Return on Investment.

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