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The Custom Toll Free Team

Vanity and Branding

The Countdown Begins: Vanity Number Free Trial Until Feb. 2015

Vanity Toll Free Numbers, Toll Free Trends, Toll Free Numbers, 2015, Free TrialThe countdown to the end of the year begins. In less than two weeks, 2015 will be here. Are you still scrambling to make year-end numbers or to try and firm up 2015 business? Good news! Cross them both off your “naughty and nice” list with a free toll free vanity number.


Give your business the holiday gift of more calls starting now and in 2015


Custom Toll Free is offering a final free trial offer for 2014. Sign up, and you’ll get your toll free number free until February 2015. Toll free numbers are proven assets to any business marketing strategy. They can also be a crucial asset to your 2015 business and marketing plans. So why not add an asset without an expense to end your 2014?


How to Future-Proof Your Toll Free Number

Vanity and Branding, Toll Free Number, Small Business, Business Planning, Vanity Toll FreeWe live in a competitive digital age today. It’s all about how quickly we can achieve data. Therefore, most small business owners know that acquiring a toll free number is a smart business planning tactic.

However, the effort goes beyond merely acquiring a toll free number. It’s also about choosing a number that possesses staying power. In other words, it’s important to future-proof your toll free number. You cannot afford to list a toll free number that no longer has relevancy. You need to create a toll free small business number for the ages.

Start with the Name

How to Make Your Small Business Shine on Black Friday

Small Business, Vanity Numbers, Toll Free Numbers, Toll Free Benefits, Black FridaySmall business owners wait for Black Friday with numbers ringing in their heads. From running store specials to introducing new products on their websites to churning email marketing messages, small business owners ride the gravy train on Black Friday.

However, many small business owners have a difficult time making the transition from a turkey coma to starting the day early on Black Friday. To reap the financial rewards of the busiest shopping day of the year, you need to learn how to make your small business shine on Black Friday.

Toll Free Numbers Boost Your Brand

How to Build a Bigger Business Name and Brand

Toll Free Numbers, Branding, Vanity and Branding, Small Business, Vanity Toll FreeFinding the right business name can be a bit challenging. A good business name and brand should be both functional and emotional. It should be meaningful, catchy, easy to remember, and accurately portray the business’s mission and brand as well as stimulate an emotional reaction from your target audience, which should tie into what your small business offers. It’s about finding the right blend.

But there is more that goes into developing a business name and brand. Finding the perfect business name from the beginning can make or break your small business, as well as either make your marketing strategy work like a charm, or give you a huge headache.

Getting Smart with Toll Free Numbers and Brand Solutions

Toll Free Numbers, Vanity Toll Free Numbers, Vanity and Branding, Branding, Small BusinessThe highly competitive environment in which your small business operates means you need a branding strategy to separate you from the crowded field. What does branding exactly mean for small business owners? Branding is the marketing strategy that creates a name, symbol, and/or design that provides a unique identity for your small business. Your brand is what your customers can expect from superior products and services.

How can you establish a brand for your small business? Think outside the box by linking vanity and branding.

What are Toll Free Vanity Numbers?

Hold the Phone: 5 Must-Read Toll Free Tips

Toll Free Tips, Toll Free Benefits, Toll Free Numbers, Vanity Toll Free NumbersYou have taken a giant marketing leap by acquiring toll free numbers. Congratulations! Small business owners can now maximize the benefits of toll free numbers by following these five must-read tips.

Get Creative. Choosing a vanity number takes a little more work than choosing any ordinary number. This is because small businesses should be brainstorming creative ways to tie in their brand in a simple word or phrase that customers immediately associate with your business. Creative vanity numbers stick in the minds of both loyal and prospective customers, and will help you stand apart from your competition. For example, you can acquire 1-800-CANINES to establish your brand as a leading pet store or 1-800-LAUGHTER for a comedy club.

Spice Up Your Small Business Relationship with a Toll Free Number

Small Business, Toll Free Number, Branding, Vanity and BrandingDoes it feel like your small business has lost its luster? Has the promise of your brand stagnated? When you jump into your small business in the morning, does it appear your brand has transformed into a lifeless enterprise? Do you feel like your small business is just going through the motions? Small business owners who experience brand lulls or slip into a zombie-like state should not push the panic button.

The truth is every small business owner and entrepreneur has a “relationship” with their small business. When entrepreneurs spend a great deal of time and effort building and developing their business, they often “fall in love” and are passionate about their mission and they believe in what they offer.

5 Toxic Ways Small Businesses Use Toll Free Numbers

Small Business, Toll Free Numbers, Vanity Toll Free NumbersToll free numbers have emerged as one of the most cost effective ways to increase brand recognition among a growing number of customers. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs who make these five common toll free number mistakes will see more harm than good. Avoid reaching toxic levels in your small business by ensuring you are using toll free numbers correctly.

Toxic Customer Service

The Top 3 Gaps Small Businesses Need to Close…and Now!

Small Business, Entrepreneur, Smarketing, Online Marketing, Gap, Toll Free Numbers, Vanity Toll FreeRunning a small business can feel like you are at the helm of the Titanic. Small leaks in your small business boat often turning into large gaps that consume all of your time and energy. Small business owners and entrepreneurs should pay special attention to gaps that might exist in their online presence, marketing strategy, and toll free numbers.

Sales + Marketing = “Smarketing”

Too many small business owners believe sales and marketing are incongruous terms. They claim that marketing is the strategy of earning trust and credibility to attract new customers. According to small business owners, sales involve closing the deal and converting customers that walk into their stores into customers who purchase products and services.

How Branding and Toll Free Numbers Are the Perfect Match

Branding, Toll Free Numbers, Small Business, Vanity NumbersToll free numbers provide small business owners with several benefits. The catchy phone numbers build instant credibility among prospective customers who need to trust you before they work with you. Toll free numbers also establish customer recognition of your business, as well as provide you with a higher return on your marketing investment. However, perhaps no other benefit brings more to a small business than the relationship between toll free numbers and branding.

What is Branding?

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