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Toll Free Vanity Numbers For Google Voice™

Vanity Numbers For Google Voice™ Users*
Google Voice™ communications service

Google Voice™ is the latest in VOIP phone systems from Google. Google Voice™ (often referred to as GV) offers an innovative bundle of tools for business users and is like an enhanced version of Skype™ on steroids. It offers a wide range of features for simplifying your business and cutting costs. Combining the simplicity of a Google Voice™ Account with a great branding tool such as a customized Toll-Free or Vanity number makes a lot of sense. Try looking for a specific vanity number using search bars on this page!

Google Voice™ Features Include:

  • Voicemail through email
  • Transcribed voicemails to text
  • Low cost international calling
  • Voicemail greetings customized for individual callers
  • Ability to embed, forward and download voicemails
  • Free SMS and the ability to send, receive and store messages online
  • Easy 'ring to' management that allows you: 1) to control call forwarding to any of your phones simultaneously, and 2) to customize your settings by callers, time-of-day and day-of-week.
  • Conference calling
  • Call screening, enabling you to hear who is calling before answering
  • Ability to block calls or send them directly to voicemail
  • Call recording

Benefits of Google Voice™ for Business Users:

  • Streamlining of your business process management
  • Reducing calling costs and enabling outsourcing of employees for maximizing ROI
  • Improved ability to train and mentor sales staff
  • Security of recorded data as insurance against malicious unfounded law suits or employee misconduct
  • Increased speed for making rapid changes
  • Ensuring no business opportunities are ever missed

Use the search box below to type in a unique word that represents your product or service. After you decide on the perfect vanity number, be sure to secure it before your competitors do!

How To Obtain & Maximize These Tools

Google Voice™ has a range of tools that are perfect for managing your business and enabling you to provide better service through a streamlined system while maximizing marketing ROI. Because Google Voice™ is still in the testing phase, the opportunity to experience it is only available by invite. Google Voice™ invitations are still available via Google's website upon request.

Google Voice™ users can combine a private phone line with the branding power of a custom toll free number such as 1-800-CUSTOMIZE

So far, many businesses have been reluctant to utilize VOIP phone service because providers like Google Voice™ and Skype™ have not offered the direct ability to select a custom toll free number or 1-800 vanity number as your number.

What Are Vanity Numbers?
Toll free numbers (those with 800, 855, 888, 866 and 877 prefixes) not only offer convenience for customers, but they have proven to be essential for business success. Custom toll free vanity numbers have been shown to be the most successful of these toll free services. 1-800 vanity numbers are not just, as the name suggests, for vanity. Vanity numbers are toll free numbers that spell out words such as 800-Flowers or 800-Collect. Statistics have proven that companies using toll free vanity numbers have realized double digit increases in marketing response rates as well as double or triple digit improvements in closing ratios. Imagine what a custom toll free vanity number could do for your business! No other investment can have such a tremendous impact on your business' bottom line or result in such a high marketing ROI.

More Advantages Of Having A Vanity Number Include:

  • Instant Credibility - Having a vanity number gives instant credibility, delivering a business presence that makes your business appear more established, successful, professional and trustworthy.
  • Brand Recognition - Successful and profitable businesses are built on the foundation of a solid brand and on brand recognition. Ray Kroc built McDonalds™ massive success just on branding—today it is one of the world's leading businesses, serving 47 million customers daily.
  • Response Rates -Custom toll free vanity numbers have been proven dramatically to increase response rates to advertising, thereby allowing you to get the most out of every campaign and increasing advertising effectiveness.
  • Maximizing Marketing ROI - Even better, according to statistics closing ratios of clients responding to companies with vanity numbers have multiplied in double or triple digits, maximizing marketing ROI. Positioning your company correctly with a 1800 vanity number means more trusting prospects who are ready to acquire your service or product without question.
  • Ensuring Business Continuity - Having a custom toll free number for your business means the ability to continue building a strong brand, even if you change phone providers, and the ability to forward your business line to any other phone in the case of an emergency or break down of a carrier's service.

Advantages of Combining Google Voice™ & Vanity Numbers

By combining the awesome power of a 1-800 vanity number and the incredible tools available through Google Voice™, you can easily launch that new start up or expand operations ahead of schedule. Harnessing the forces of toll free numbers with your Google Voice™ communications service will certainly ensure that you can operate more efficiently than the competition and break into markets ahead of those with more cumbersome business models and that have weaker brands.

How Are Vanity Numbers Successful?

  • Instant branding and credibility that allow you to surpass competitors that do not have vanity numbers no matter well-known they are.
  • Speed to adapt to market changes and opportunities ahead of the pack.
  • Ability to make lightning fast alterations to business processes so you can lower costs and scale operations to accommodate increased volume.
  • Streamlining of your operations to maximize output and staffing resources.
  • Control of the latest technology giving your clients the immediate comfort of knowing they are working with the best in the business.
  • Ability to grab up new market share and establish yourself before competitors, forcing them to go broke or wither away.

Get The Perfect Vanity Number Today

Custom Toll Free can help you lock in the vanity number you need today. Call us NOW at 1-800-CUSTOMIZE! Then kick back knowing you will soon be enjoying the sweet rewards of reaping in more business than you ever imagined possible while your competitors are sweating under their desks...

*This Google Voice™ communications service is not directly affiliated with Google Voice™ or Google in any way. It is meant for users of the Google Voice™ service who want a toll-free or vanity number. Custom Toll Free, Google Voice™ Toll Free Number Search and The Rugly Group are neither affiliated with nor a part of the Google Brand family or it’s associated trademarks.

What is a Shared Number?
What is a Shared Number?
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