Affiliate Programs

The Affiliate Portal in CTF’s Partner Programs is focused on business marketing relationships.  Our affiliate partners, both in-house and broad-based networks, have unique needs and business objectives.  While they engage different market segments, our affiliate partners tend to serve the same size of businesses, are growth oriented ecommerce companies and/or are in related telecomm industries.  Affiliate partnerships are typically focused on web marketing, lead generation and partner advertising.

CTF affiliate partners are interested in promotions, differentiation, conversions and commissions. We set ourselves apart with innovative widgets, aggressive commissions and consistent recurring promotions.  To help us reach a wide audience, we have partnered with a recognized leader, Commission Junction, to help us reach the most productive group of partners in the industry.

  • CJ Network – This program offers the best of available premium numbers and resources to serve a growing list of toll free number shared-use clients. We have an optimized website that handles the setup, billing and customer service requirements of our clients.  When you connect with CTF on CJ, you will be connecting on the premier affiliate platform with the leader in vanity and premium toll free numbers for business.
  • Sticky Widgets – We created several tools that improve our partner’s ability to offer clients tools that help them navigate the toll free number industry. Our Keyword Search Widget breaks makes use of our powerful algorithm to search available toll free vanity numbers that best match the keyword(s).  The Search Results widget is designed to be placed on websites and that prefer number search results to be resented on the partners site with a small footprint.  Other services are also available.  The Reverse Lookup helps determine whether a toll free number is in use, and provides key information about each prefix for that number. There are other tool available also.
  • Referral Program – if your clients are interested in one-time services (800 numbers for direct marketing, premium search and location services, etc), we will offer you a 10% referral bonus for any business you send our way.